Short Message Service: Twitter wants to take one billion U.S. dollars with IPO

It could be the most spectacular IPO of an Internet company since Facebook. Twitter to make the step onto the dance floor more than a billion dollars. Moreover, the company published its More »

Shutdown in the U.S.: The paralyzed States of America

How does it feel to be forced to leave? In Washington to meet victims of the shutdown, discuss their position – and table tennis. U.S. President Obama is attacking the Tea Party. More »

Requirement of economists: Wealthy should pay more for euro bailout

An ECB study foments the dispute over the distribution of wealth in Europe. Leading economists now call SPIEGEL: Rich should be more involved in saving the euro. Doing so could save the More »

Export boom: German coal power flooded Europe

The German electricity industry has increased its exports considerably. In the first quarter, the exported quantity of information has doubled manager magazine online. Coal-fired power plants are experiencing a real boom – More »

Kiev Europe Should Threaten To Cancel EM

So now even bombings: The crisis between Europe and Ukraine has just become even more complicated. More and more, the discomfort in the democratic part of Europe on the European football championship More »

Top 5 Mistakes Novice Dubai Realtors Make

Luxury Property Emirates Hills

There are many new brokers try to make contact with the already flourished business offices in real estate industry – for a job interview, and quite often to start their professions. New Realtors try to bring some excellent attributes to the table – lots of energy levels and aspirations – but they make some frequent errors. Listed here are the 4 top mistakes novice Realtors Make.

1.  No Plan or Strategy

A great number of new brokers put all their focus on which Property Brokerage they are going to become a member of while they get their gleaming new license in hands. Why? Since the majority of new Real Estate Professionals haven’t been around for themselves – they have only worked well as workers. These people, mistakenly, feel that stepping into the property business is “getting a whole new job.” What they are losing is that they are going to go into real estate industry on their own. If you have ever opened your doorways to Any kind of business, you will know one of the important formula is your strategic business plan. Your company plan can help you define exactly where you’re heading, the way you are getting there, and exactly what it takes to get making your property business a hit.

2.  Not Utilizing the Best Closing Workforce

They are saying the best business people surround themselves with individuals that are more intelligent than themselves. It will take a quite big team to close a deal – Purchaser’s Agent, Listing Broker, Loan provider, Insurance Professional, Title Official, Examiner, Evaluator, and quite often more! Being a Realtor like,, you’re in the position to refer the customer to whoever you ultimately choose, and you ought to ensure that anyone you refer is going to be an asset to the particular deal, not a person who will take you more headaches. And also, the closing workforce you refer in, or even “put your company name to,” are there to help you stand out! Once they work well, you can get involved in the credit simply because you mentioned them to the particular deal.

3.  Not Equipping Themselves with The Required Tools

Starting out as a Real Estate Professional is pricey. In Dubai, the permit alone is a financial commitment that will certainly bill you between $900 and $1000 (despite how long you’ll make investments.) On the other hand, you will come across even more costs while you equip yourself with the required tools for doing your business. And do not trick yourself – they’re required – simply because your competition is undoubtedly making use of every resource to help THEM.

4.  Insufficient Funding

If you have taken enough space to prepare your business strategy, then you must have your financial budget, but I cannot stress more than just the significance of following the spending plan. On the other hand, your budget alone does not deal with the important facet of financing. 90% of most small companies don’t succeed due to insufficient funding. Usually, new real estate agents may wish to have a few months of reserves for savings right before taking the actual leap into the full-time agency. Having said that, money in your traditional bank is not the best way to resolve the issue of financing. Possibly your associate may support you for any specific time period. You can maintain your part-time job that will not hinder your business being a Real Estate Professional. Many thriving waiters make a move to successful realtors with no funds in the bank. While you start the new company, do not count on to earn any profits, at the least, two months.

5.  Refusing to Invest Money on Advertising and Marketing

The majority of new Real Estate Professionals don’t understand that the most challenging part of the company is finding the business. On top of that, they just pay around $3000 for their permit and board costs. Therefore the ultimate thing they would like to do is to waste more money! Once again, the issue is based on the possible lack of comprehension that you have just leaped into the Property Business; you have not taken a new career. And then any good business owner will show you that the amount of business you currently have is specifically related to how much you may spend on advertising and marketing. When you choose the best brokerage firm, then you’ll find some good inbound prospects. On the other hand, do not overlook a good, individual advertising campaign right from the start to get your own brand out as the Realtor to consult with.

Short Message Service: Twitter wants to take one billion U.S. dollars with IPO

It could be the most spectacular IPO of an Internet company since Facebook. Twitter to make the step onto the dance floor more than a billion dollars. Moreover, the company published its first financial results.

New York – A billion dollars does the short message service Twitter in its planned IPO taking. It said the company in a notification to the supervisory authority SEC . It would thus be the most prominent IPO of an Internet company since the IPO of Facebook in the past year . Twitter wants to list its shares under the symbol tWTR.

At the same time the eight-year-old company gave insight into its financial results. The turnover margin in the first half of 2013 at $ 253.6 million. The bottom line loss of $ 69.3 million fell to. What targeting investors, is the long reach: According prospectus Twitter has more than 215 million active users per month, 100 million used the service even daily, “and the approximate span the globe.” They all wrote about 500 million tweets per day.

An exact date for the IPO does not include the submission to the SEC. Is expected of November. First, Twitter has to convince investors on a so-called road show to invest in the company. The short message service was next to the Wall Street houses Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley,among others, the German bank committed to helping the step onto the dance floor.

Investors will now look at the figures exactly: While Twitter in 2010 had only 28 million in revenue in 2011 there were already 106 million and then 317 million last year. And Twitter continues to grow: in the first half of this year, the company has already made $ 254 million in sales.

However loses Twitter – unsurprisingly for experts – so far money. Alone in the first half of the loss was $ 69 million and the bottom line was almost one and a half times as high as in the previous year. Total collected in the years a decline of over 400 million dollars.

Main source of income of the company is advertising, interspersed in the news stream. Almost two-thirds of the ad revenue coming from mobile devices. However, is offset by high spending on data centers, new products and marketing.

The IPO is expected to create at least one new billionaire: co-founder Evan Williams is the largest shareholder with 12.0 percent. His partner Jack Dorsey, who is the last of the founding trio still active on Twitter, comes to 4.9 percent. The current chief Dick Costolo holds 1.6 percent of the shares.

Shutdown in the U.S.: The paralyzed States of America

How does it feel to be forced to leave? In Washington to meet victims of the shutdown, discuss their position – and table tennis. U.S. President Obama is attacking the Tea Party. And the Republicans fail with new proposals.

Back and forth. John Boehner makes ping pong makes Harry Reid, John Boehner ping pong Harry Reid. Back and forth the little flying ball And it laugh out loud the two players at the table tennis, their bats bearing the faces of the top Republican Boehner and the top Democrat Reid. Ping pong. On the sofa already the next policy to a game of table tennis wait in the Jewish community center in Washington, just around the corner from the U.S. Congress.

It’s early afternoon, and they really should not be here. They are young and aspiring who have just started their careers in the ministries and authorities.Usually they sit late into the night in their offices.Normally.

Grand Canyon – Yosemite – Everything tight.

But since Tuesday morning, one minute after midnight, everything is different.America’s government is at a standstill: Government shutdown because Congress could not agree . Over hours, the House and Senate, Boehner and Reid, the budget proposals were pushed back and forth.Political ping-pong up.Without agreement. And so far even without winning.

Now the museums are closed, shut down the Twitter account of the Parliament, does not occupy the passport offices and more than 50 U.S. national parks close : No chance to Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park or the Statue of Liberty.Tourists who are already in, have two days to leave the park. Before the monuments in the capital are the visitors. And shake their heads. Even the toilets are locked.

That sounds ulkiger than it is. About 800,000 state employees have been sent to forced leave, even in the supposedly capitalist U.S. government is the largest employer.

Natalie Rosenfelt normally works in the Ministry of Justice, but now looks to the ping-pong game. Because the community center has agreed to “Shutdown center” to bring together those concerned. The political series “West Wing” is shown on the big screen – of course that result from the fifth season, in which it comes to the government shutdown – and the food is on the house. “It’s a strange feeling,” says Rosenfelt, “you’re insecure because you do not work, and you do not know if you’ll get paid later.” You just hope that the shutdown would last not so long. The last time, in the mid nineties, it was then but 21 days.

Most people here do not want to see their name published in the media.Because they are disappointed in their state: “We think we’re the greatest country in the world,” says one, “and then something like that.”Presently all was still somehow amusing, they say – you have a few days off, makes jokes at the expense of either Republicans or the president, and the capital serves a fast-food chain to state officials on presentation of free burgers. But what if the number goes on for weeks? How are they supposed to pay their bills, their rent? People are afraid. Experts have calculated that a three-to four-week shutdown would cost the U.S. economy about $ 55 billion – equivalent to about the annual editions of the Free State of Bavaria.

Most severely hit are the capital: It is under federal jurisdiction, live here, most state employees. Alone in the Washington metropolitan area, the losses could amount to 200 million dollars per day, citing the “Washington Post” an economic expert. And snappy put the newspaper notes: “The capital of the free world – closed until further notice.”Outside, in front of Congress to protest a few federal officials on Tuesday, their message to MPs: “Do your job, so we can do ours.”

ideological crusade “

In the morning they would get mail that is now closing, telling two colleagues. They had not yet received the instruction to change their answering machine saying, since they may not touch their phone service.Who is to blame? Congress, they say. And if you nachhakt: Well, the Republicans.

This is consistent with the opinion polls. 72 percent of Americans oppose, according to a Quinnipiac survey, the strategy of the Conservatives, the continued funding of the government to end the health care reform of the U.S. president (“Obamacare”) to socialize. And 57 percent are not satisfied with the work of the Republicans in Congress.

Barack Obama tried his hand on Tuesday to beat that score. A group within the Republican Party – he played on the radical Tea Party movement – waging a “ideological crusade” against the reform and therefore have paralyzed the government. But he would not negotiate on Obamacare, reform would “continue to exist”. The government shutdown, the President called now the “republican shutdown.” Obama continues to attack , already for next Thursday’s speech is scheduled in this matter.

And the Republicans? They struggled on Tuesday to show activity. The reasoning behind this: Now, if they are held responsible for the shutdown, then they should not give the impression of inaction and indifference, at least. Although the party leadership still prevents the radical Tea Party minority in their ranks, but tried on Tuesday evening in the House of Representatives to adopt specific measures for the improvement of their image. Such as the national parks should be excluded from the government shutdown and ensure timely payments to the military veterans. There would have a two-thirds majority, which needed the votes of Democrats. The refused.And Obama could announce such a “piece-by-piece approach” was not serious.

The longer now, the government is paralyzed, the more complicated the situation. As early as 17 October ends the next period. And that is far more threatening: Deny the Republicans in Parliament, the United States could not accept any more debt more.Making it the largest economy in the world would be insolvent.

A nightmare scenario, not only for America.

Wynn Resorts, Ltd – Locations and Subsidiaries

Head Office

Wynn Resorts, Ltd
3131 Las Vegas Boulevard
South Las Vegas
Nevada 89109
P:1 702 770 7555

Other Locations and Subsidiaries

Rambas Marketing Co., LLC



Wynn International Marketing, LLC



Valvino Lamore, LLC



Wynn Gallery, LLC



Chamber Associates, LLC



Worldwide Wynn, LLC



LRW Development, LLC



Far East Aviation, LLC



Wynn Resorts, Ltd – Company View

An excerpt from the ‘Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations’ section is given below. The statement has been taken from the company’s 10-K filing for fiscal year 2007.


We are a developer, owner and operator of destination casino resorts. We currently own and operate Wynn Las Vegas, a destination casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which opened on April 28, 2005, and Wynn Macau, a destination casino resort in the Macau Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China (Macau), which opened on September 6, 2006. In addition, on April 28, 2006, we commenced construction of Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas or Encore, a hotel casino resort which, when completed, will be fully integrated with Wynn Las Vegas. We have also commenced construction of Wynn Diamond Suites an additional hotel tower for Wynn Macau. Until the opening of Wynn Las Vegas in 2005, we were solely a development stage company.

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas is located at the intersection of the Las Vegas Strip and Sands Avenue, occupies approximately 217 acres of land fronting the Las Vegas Strip and utilizes approximately 18 additional acres across Sands Avenue, a portion of which is utilized for employee parking.

We believe Wynn Las Vegas is the preeminent destination casino resort on the Strip in Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas currently features:

-An approximately 111,000 square foot casino offering 24-hour gaming and a full range of games, including private baccarat salons, a poker room, and a race and sports book;

-Luxury hotel accommodations in 2,716 spacious hotel rooms, suites and villas;

-22 food and beverage outlets featuring signature chefs, including the AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Five Star and Michelin award-winning restaurant, Alex;

-A Ferrari and Maserati automobile dealership;

-Approximately 74,000 square feet of high-end, brand-name retail shopping, including stores and boutiques featuring Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Graff, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik, Oscar de la Renta, Vertu and others;

-Recreation and leisure facilities, including an 18-hole golf course, five swimming pools, private cabanas and a full service spa and salon; and,

-Two showrooms, two nightclubs and lounges.

The Tower Suites at Wynn Las Vegas is the only casino resort in the world that has been awarded both the Mobil five star and AAA five diamond distinctions. In addition, Wynn Las Vegas was recognized in November 2007 by Michelin, the esteemed European restaurant rating system. Two Michelin stars were awarded to Alex and one Michelin star was awarded to each of Wing Lei and Daniel Boulud Brasserie. Additionally, Wynn Las Vegas received five red pavilions, the highest honor for Michelin rated accommodations.

In response to our evaluation of the completed Wynn Las Vegas project and the reactions of our guests, we began to make enhancements and refinements to Wynn Las Vegas in the third quarter of 2005 which continued throughout 2007.

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

We are constructing Encore on approximately 20 acres on the Las Vegas Strip, immediately adjacent to Wynn Las Vegas. Encore plans include a 2,034 all-suite hotel tower fully integrated with Wynn Las Vegas, an approximately 72,000 square foot casino, additional convention and meeting space, as well as restaurants, a nightclub, swimming pools, a spa and salon and retail outlets. Encore is expected to open in December 2008.

Wynn Macau

We opened Wynn Macau on September 6, 2006.Wynn Macau currently features:

-An approximately 205,000 square foot casino offering 24-hour gaming and a full range of games, including private gaming salons, approximately 380 table games and approximately 1,270 slot machines;

-Luxury hotel accommodations in 600 rooms and suites;

-Casual and fine dining in five restaurants;

-Approximately 46,000 square feet of high-end, brand-name retail shopping, including stores and boutiques featuring Bvlgari, Chanel, Dior, Dunhill, Fendi, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Piaget, Prada, Rolex, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace, Vertu, Zegna and others;

-Recreation and leisure facilities, including a health club, pool and spa; and,

-Lounges and meeting facilities.

During the year ended December 31, 2007, we completed an expansion of our Wynn Macau property. This expansion included approximately 75,000 square feet of additional gaming space, additional food and beverage amenities and three new retail stores. Subsequent to December 31, 2007, six additional retail stores opened. In addition to the gaming and retail facilities that opened in the expansion noted above, Wynn Macau opened its rotunda area which features a gold “prosperity tree” in conjunction with a Chinese zodiac-inspired ceiling level show incorporating a descending chandelier.

We have commenced construction on a further expansion of Wynn Macau, which was first announced in November 2006. This further expansion will add a fully-integrated resort hotel named “Wynn Diamond Suites,” with approximately 400 luxury suites and six villas, as well as additional VIP gaming areas, food and beverage and retail amenities.We expect Wynn Diamond Suites to open in the first half of 2010.

In response to our evaluation of the completed Wynn Macau and the reactions of our guests, we began to make enhancements and refinements to the property after its opening in 2006 and continued such enhancements during 2007.

We operate Wynn Macau under a 20-year casino concession agreement granted by the Macau government in June 2002.

Cotai Development

We have submitted an application to the Macau government for a concession of land in Cotai. We have reconfigured our site plan for 52 acres and are awaiting final approval.We are actively engaged in the design of our Cotai project.