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WOCHENENDÜBERBLICK/27. and 28 February 2010

Merkel: No special items for Greece in the budget – ARD
The federal government has no special items for Billion in aid to Greece completed in the household. This was explicitly not the case, said Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to a Prior notification for the TV channel "ARD" on mission "report Berlin on Sunday evening. The country has not the possibility of states "rauszukaufen to help them out of the mess."
Lagarde: Greece will not leave euro zone – Europe 1
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is confident that Greece can refinance its debt. The country will not leave the euro zone, "the Minister said on Sunday Radio stations "Europe 1". Currently in the euro zone would be some Proposals considered for refinancing. This could be both give public and private partners, "she said, but would not dwell on it.
IMF should help Greece – Handelsblatt
In Germany, there are increasing voices for the help of The IMF for Greece to enter. To see the advisor Federal government alone, according to a media report in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the right institution to Greece before an To preserve the state bankrupt. This was demonstrated by the scientific service the Bundestag in the "Handelsblatt" (HB — Monday’s edition) available from internal reports. The long ECB chief economist and chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission for the Reform of Financial architecture, Otmar Issing, advocate, instead of Turn the European Union, the IMF.
Collective bargaining agreement for public service made – ddp
The public sector wage dispute is settled. Workers and employers, according to a news agency ddp Collective bargaining agreement for public sector workers agreed between the Federation and municipalities. Accordingly, given the nationwide about two million persons employed in a three-step increase total of 2.3% more money and a one-off.
Brüderle: EU calls for States decision Opel – Focus
The European Commission wants the Opel restoration plan only then check if the affected states grants have chosen. This has EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia all EU countries with Opel locations on 22 Announced in February, said Economics Minister Rainer Brüderle the magazine "Focus". The Minister expressed his disappointment: "I would have liked that the Commission did not wait so long, "the paper quoted him.
Elijah probably makes bid for German Vattenfall Network
The Belgian system operator Elia is likely a bid for the electricity transmission grid of Vattenfall Europe AG Like Germany. The Board of Directors has given the green light, the Purchase of a controlling share further encouragement, "said a Spokesperson on Sunday at the request of Dow Jones Newswires.
Federal Network Agency expects lower revenue for UMTS – Wirtschaftwoche
When on 12 April’s upcoming auction of additional Mobile frequencies by the Federal Network Agency expects authorities Chef Matthias Kurth, according to a media report significantly lower earnings than Ten years ago, when the auction of UMTS frequencies around 50 billion EUR earning. "Bidders can the economic crisis not hide. It is therefore quite possible that the auction ends with a result that is significantly below the 2000 results lies, "Kurth said the" business week "(Wirtschaftwoche).
BMVBS: Decision on Railway Board to management and 10 March
The federal government wants to 10th March, the decision Renewal of the supervisory board chairman at Deutsche Take Bahn AG (DB), confirmed a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVBS) Dow Jones Newswires on Friday. To reports that only two candidates for the post on the shortlist were, the speaker did not give an opinion.
Japan wants majority stake in gas supplier Osaka Gas Gasag – Circles
The sale process for the majority of the gas Gasag into the hot phase is gone. In addition to the French State group GDF Suez is now also shows an Asian gas interest Dow Jones Energy Daily learned from financial circles. Thus, the Japanese have Osaka Gas gas suppliers to bid on the for sale 68.4-percent package delivered to the Gasag. The recent Gasag-shareholders E. ON and Vattenfall have their share of 36.85% and 31.575% in the Berlin gas utility put up for sale.
T-Systems and Verdi achieve arbitration result
The arbitration for the roughly 22,000 employees of the Deutsche Telecom subsidiary T-Systems has come to a mutually acceptable outcome to the end. Accordingly, the salaries of 1 to March 2010 linearly by 2.5% to rise by 1 February 2011 they are expected to rise by another 2%, such as T-Systems and verdi communicated. The duration of the collective agreement is up to 24 months 31. December 2011 amount.
Intel wants to grow in chips for cell phones and smartphones – Wirtschaftwoche
The chip manufacturer Intel wants to, according to a media report High-pressure business with chips for cell phones and smartphones . expand In the segment, the company based in Santa Clara is still scarce represented. "The Korean manufacturer LG is the first in January Intel-based smartphone unveiled. It comes this year on the market. And be sure: To be followed by many more, "announced Intel CEO Paul Otellini talks to the "Business Week" (Wirtschaftwoche) to.
WSJ: GE plans to sell stake in Turkish Garanti Bank
The U.S. conglomerate General Electric (GE) wants from his Participation in the Turkish Garanti Bank AS disconnect. A spokesman for the Company confirmed that the sale of the interests of 20.85% would be considered. For a 26% share of GE did in August In 2005, around 1.55 billion USD paid. Is measured by the market value of the Bank of Meanwhile smaller proportion of about 3.3 billion USD worth.
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February 28, 2010 11:30 ET (16:30 GMT)

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DGAP-Media: TAVARGENIX Ltd.: inhibition of glucose metabolism makes cancer cells sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Publication of a press release sent by DGAP – a company of EquityStory AG. For the content of Communication is the publisher responsible.
Recent research shows that the type of Energy release in tumor cells on the efficacy of chemotherapy and Radiotherapy decide. Turn on tumor cells from the burning of the Fermentation of sugar to be aggressive and they can sit in Body spread. Normally, cells produce the most of their energy by food components such as carbohydrates, Proteins and fats in the mitochondria to form carbon dioxide and water, burned will. Turns a tumor cell and gains from these combustion Instead, using the fermentation of sugar into lactic acid, their Energy, these aggressive tumor cells and can use the lactic acid formed, the surrounding healthy cells and kill dissolve the tissue (Matrixdegradation). Due to the fact is resulting from a locally invasive and displace an invasive and destructive growing tumor growing malignant tumor, which is then referred to as cancer. The resulting Cancer cells are then able to agree on the lymphatic and Expand blood vessels throughout the body and form metastases. Through The lactic acid formed in these cancer cells penetrate solid tissues such as bone and destroy them. Since the Metastasis, the main cause of such death from cancer patients represents, it is extremely important to the invasiveness and metastasis To prevent tumor cells. In addition, it was shown that the Shutdown of the combustion and the turning on the fermentation of sugar Lactic acid, cancer cells before the attack of the immune system, protect thus be eliminated, the body’s own defenses.
Recent research now shows that the turning of Fermentation also a major reason for the resistance to chemo-and radiotherapy represents. Disabling Inhibits the mitochondrial release of apoptosis) (programmed cell death, which chemotherapies are ineffective. At the same time leads Turn on the fermentation of neutralization of radicals, creating a Resistance to radical therapies, such as triggering Radiotherapy produced.
By the prestigious Johns Hopkins University has now shown that the gene Transketolase-like-1 (TKTL1) is critical to the Fermentation of sugars to lactic acid and is involved in the activation of the TKTL1 gene to a stabilization of the so-called Hypoxia-induced factor-1-alpha (HIF1alpha) leads. This is also used in the fermentation The presence of oxygen carried out. Was that an essential genetic and biochemical basis of the Warburg effect (aerobic Glycolysis) elucidated. From this research has also shown that inhibition of the gene TKTL1 the fermentation of sugar Lactic acid and thus inhibits the energy content of cancer cells is reduced. Simultaneously, the inhibition of TKTL1 gene in the inhibition of Growth of cancer cells and tumors.
In another American study has shown that the Inhibition of fermentation of sugar into lactic acid, cancer cells again sensitive to chemotherapy does. Against Chemotherapy drug Taxol-resistant breast cancer cells were due to inhibition of Fermentation of sugar to be re-sensitized for a Taxol therapy.
Moreover, could in a further U.S. study demonstrated that the inhibition of the fermentation of sugar Lactic acid, the energy content of cancer cells and reduces oxidative stress triggers in cancer cells. The inhibition of fermentation also led to inhibition of tumor progression.
The science of well-known institutions published studies showing that inhibition of fermentation in A promising cancer therapy, and this is also the Sensitivity of cancer cells to chemo-and radiotherapy increases.
Since the fermentation of sugars in cancer cells on resistance compared to radical therapies such as radiation therapy and trigger Triggering apoptosis therapies such as chemotherapy takes, it is useful before the implementation of chemotherapy or radiation therapy with To examine means of tissue or blood tests if cancer cells have already switched to the fermentation of sugar and so have no resistance available against radiation and chemotherapy.
TAVARGENIX GmbH is a biotechnology company focused on the task has been fighting cancer over the targeted TKTL1-protein.
TKTL1 is activated by promoter hypomethylation and Contributes to head and neck squamous cell carcinoma carcinogenesis through increased aerobic glycolysis and HIF1alpha stabilization. Clin Cancer Res 2010 Feb 1, 16 (3) :857-66.
Warburg effect in Chemosensitivity: Targeting lactate dehydrogenase-A re-sensitizes Taxol-resistant cancer cells to Taxol. Mol Cancer. 2010 Feb 9; 9 (1): 33
Inhibition of lactate dehydrogenase A induces oxidative stress and inhibits tumor progression. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Feb 2, 107 (5) :2037-42.
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Brüderle: EU calls for States decision Opel – Focus

MUNICH (Dow Jones) – The European Commission wants Opel examine the restoration plan only after the affected States have decided on funding. This had EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said all EU countries with Opel sites on 22 Announced in February, said Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle the magazine "Focus". The minister was disappointed: "I would have preferred that the Commission does not as long waits, "the paper quoted him.
Brüderle warned with regard to the requirement from Brussels in front of a Europe-wide subsidy race. He saw the danger that currently "in various European countries uncoordinated aid packages are put together. "
In mid-February, the European Commission had Brüderle a critical review of the General Motors (GM) presented concept for restructuring the automobile manufacturer Opel invited. "I trust that they will critically examine whether The business concept is viable, and whether everything really done is to undistorted competition in Europe protect, "wrote Brüderle in a letter to the new EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, who had insight into the Dow Jones Newswires.



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February 28, 2010 06:49 ET (11:49 GMT)

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Intel wants to grow in chips for cell phones and smartphones – Wirtschaftwoche

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The chip manufacturer Intel wants to loud a media report with high-pressure business with chips for Cell phones and smart phones to expand. In the segment, the company has made Santa Clara, yet hardly represented. "The Korean manufacturer LG In January Intel introduced the first smart phone. It is this Year on the market. And be sure: The are many more follow, "Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced in an interview with the most Monday phenomenal "business week" (Wirtschaftwoche) to.
He hoped also to the use of Intel chips in future Generations of the iPhone and the Apple iPad. "We would of course, happy to equip both products with our chips. That We will advertise until we succeed. "Chancen sees Intel CEO, also in cooperation with Microsoft. "Microsoft’s Mobile operating system but has not run on our chips. This means not mean that we do not continue to work with Microsoft will be. "Otellini hinted that future Windows Mobile phones with Intel chips could work. "We would like Microsoft mobile operating system to run our processors to see. The strategy Intel was always: If there is an operating system to our Chips work best with it. "
The principal saw Intel CEO Otellini, however, continue to the equipment of PC and new segments such as the Vehicle Entertainment. "The death of the PC is predicted for more than ten years. However, currently more than 300 million computers per year are sold, the Trend is towards 500 million. "Even in the Entertainment systems was proceeding as Intel Corp. ‘good’. The company would future, the luxury cars from BMW and Daimler with entertainment systems . equip Intel also worked for such systems in a common standard for the entire industry. Business with so-called embedded systems – these are some chips for industrial machines — earn each year, more than 1 billion USD.

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GM is considering higher contribution to Opel-remediation – Circles


By Nico Schmidt, Christoph Rauwald and Sharon Terlep

FRANKFURT / DETROIT (Dow Jones) – Opel’s parent, General Motors (GM) is considering obviously more of its own money into the rehabilitation of To put Rüsselsheimer Tradition Group. Thus GM wants the German policy to appease the pressed for a higher contribution of the U.S. car maker has, like Dow Jones Newswires on Saturday with the situation of several experience has familiar people.

GM is open to take more money in hand, it was said of circles. The company believe that this is a necessary step was to get German state aid. Opel spokesman Stefan Weinmann did not want to comment on the information.

To meet the short-term financial needs of 3.3 billion EUR, which in Opel formed part of the restructuring, GM has support in the state European countries, with Opel and Vauxhall locations in the amount of a total of EUR 2.7 billion requested. GM already has £ 600 million by his own admission contributed to the restoration, the end of 2009 as a part of the emergency loan Germany has been replaced, while the Opel-GM bankruptcy had kept her afloat.

From Germany, GM will total EUR 1.5 billion by the federal government and the four Opel provinces. The German policy was the U.S. concern, however, strongly modified criticized for the recovery plan. Among other things, was in Berlin to small contribution complained and demanded a correction.

The Detroit automakers GM went through bankruptcy in 2009, the Record time and was in front of his billion-dollar U.S. government aid For the final saved. In return, the holding U.S. government about 60% at GM. The GM also had been channeled state funds available for Support of foreign affiliates to Available.

One of the informants told Dow Jones Newswires on Saturday that it was not expected that there would be resistance from the United States, should GM actually use U.S. tax dollars overseas. For Opel in the U.S. and the GM’s board as an important part of the global strategy of Total group seen.

Developed at the Opel Technical Development Center at its headquarters in Rüsselsheim many promising small cars, which also for the U.S. group are becoming increasingly important. Also plays European market is a great role for GM.



-By Nico Schmidt, Christoph Rauwald and Sharon Terlep,
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