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Ifo : improves credit situation German companies again

2009-03-10_ifo Eingang_COMP FRANKFURT ( Dow Jones) – The German company has also in September, the opportunity improved loans obtain to . In September, the credit constraint for German industry and trade for the ninth time has declined in succession, such as the Ifo announced Institute for Economic Research on Wednesday. (Photo : ifo)

29.0% of respondents rated the bank lending as restrictive. That is 0.5 percentage points less than in August.
"Germany remains the credit crunch spared suffering in the countries of south-western periphery of Europe , "said Ifo President Hans – Werner Sinn. This is the view of the Ifo president because the more sensitive to risk have become banks , the German savings that previously went largely to foreign countries to accommodate a renewed emphasis on domestic try .
In manufacturing, the large and medium-sized companies get easy bank loans . In the major companies is the credit constraint in September by 1.2 percentage points 30.8% and in the medium by 0.5 percentage points decreased to 27.2 %. For small companies, however, access to credit has become more difficult. In small companies, the credit constraint is increased by 0.8 percentage points to 29.7 %.
Most clearly the situation has to get to credit, improved in the construction industry . The credit constraint has decreased by 3.6 percentage points to 35.0 %. Somewhat difficult it was, however, granted in September for the trade by banks to get a loan . Here the credit constraints increased by 0.4 percentage points to 26.8 %.

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Beiersdorf will not comment on expressions of interest from P & G

Beiersdorf Headquarters Hamburg_frei HAMBURG ( Dow Jones) – Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg wants to take the concerns expressed by Procter & Gamble interest not comment . "We comment on the apparently expressed interest in P & G is not , "said spokesman Thomas Fine on Wednesday Dow Jones Newswires on request. (Photo : Beiersdorf)

Beiersdorf have been working with a very stable ownership structure and was therefore very pleased
The Beiersdorf majority shareholder in would maxingvest not comment on the advance of the U.S. group . P & G ‘s CEO Robert Mc Donald said in an interview with news agency Bloomberg that Beiersdorf was a " wonderful global " brand. However, Beiersdorf, come to Procter & Gamble and vote , the price must .

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Cartel is a case against heating current

FRANKFURT ( Dow Jones) – The Federal Cartel Office has dropped its opening a year ago abuse case in the Heizstrommarkt against commitments made by the company.

17 Heating current committed themselves to market- opening measures , said the Bonn authorities on Wednesday. Of these, 13 companies are reported to their customers to repay excessive profits.
The commitments relate , according to the Bundeskartellamt, transparency measures , the alternative providers to facilitate market entry. Directly from the repayment of the payment details , according to 530 000 customers are affected , which together are recovered over 27 million EUR . Among the companies that have commitments made , are in addition to municipal utilities subsidiaries of the energy companies E. ON AG and RWE AG.
The market for heating by the Bundeskartellamt considered separately. the authority According to set in Germany just under two million households , representing about 4 % of all housing, electricity as heating medium a .

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Ackermann exercise subscription rights in full and bought shares for 6 million EUR

2010-02-04 Ackermann_10 - (c) ra FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The CEO of Deutsche Bank , Josef Ackermann , has his options under the multi-billion capital increase carried out his bank and purchase shares for 6 million EUR . (Photo : Anders)

This is the result of a published on Tuesday mandatory release . This exercise Ackermann, who already holds 373,726 shares , its subscription rights up from . As the resonance is on the capital increase total was not to be available on request at Deutsche Bank.
Shareholders of Deutsche Bank to buy two old shares with subscription rights a new for price of 33 EUR . Trading in subscription rights will expire this Friday. The exercise of subscription rights , or the buying for the price of 33 EUR is up to and including the 5th October.
With the proposed increase of capital in the amount of EUR 10.2 billion will , the German bank finance primarily the acquisition of Postbank arm themselves but also for the more stringent capital requirements. This will meet the Bank in late 2013, what it but according to Ackermann was no applause from investors . Rather, other banks had high set expectations by earlier want to fulfill the requirements of the adopted in Basel regulations . This would create a dangerous competition , as banks reduce their total assets on the measure, to avoid being punished , the driver of the Deutsche Bank had recently warned.

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Banks need more capital than previously thought – time

Banken_vom_Westhafentower_Foto_Koch HAMBURG ( Dow Jones ) – The capital needs of German banks by the new capital adequacy rules of Basel III is for information of the weekly " Die Zeit " higher than previously suspected. (Photo : Koch)

According to model calculations of the Federal Bank for the ten largest banks fall in that 2019 a capital requirement of 90 billion EUR . From this, they could raise 40 billion EUR yourself by it deducted the profits and dividends , the newspaper reported on Wednesday in advance.
The rest they would have to through capital get externally. So far, it was said that the Federal Bank expected the 50 billion EUR for the entire capital requirements. A Bundesbank spokeswoman declined to comment on the report.
According to information from financial circles, but need the country’s banks capital in the amount of double-digit billion – EUR – amount. The owners – savings banks and provinces – was accordingly already a fact that would Helaba and NordLB are equipped with fresh capital.
Moreover, it is possible that the HSH Nordbank the for they already do not laced aid package get along . could By reducing the volume of business such as in mergers but the need for fresh capital will be reduced , it said.

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