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TUI Germany is planning participation in Boomerang Travel

LogoAnFassade_Quelle_OBS_TuiAG HANNOVER ( Dow Jones) – TUI Germany GmbH , Hannover , plans to expand her business. It was the purchase of shares of the tour operator Boomerang Travel , Trier , planned, it is clear from a memorandum from the Federal Cartel Office. TUI declined to comment on this step on Friday. (Photo : TUI)

Boomerang is specialized in travel to Australia , Africa , New Zealand , Canada and the South Seas. At the Trier companies are among 11 branches in Germany and one each in Switzerland and Austria. Employs around 80 staff.

Website:www.tui – deutschland.de
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Federal President : Atomic opinion does not exist

2010-08-31_Reaktorbecken_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones ) – The dispute over the planned life extension for German nuclear power plants , the Federal Presidential Office has rejected a report that it has its own opinion on the question of the constitutionality of such a law if no involvement of the federal states can be created . ( Reuters photo 🙂

"Such advice does not exist " , said the Federal President on Friday.
The " Handelsblatt "had reported on in the morning , citing government sources , the decision was a long running times for the 17 German nuclear power plants in the Federal President has already fallen in the core . Without the consent of the provinces could pile more than nine years longer stay on the network, it is stated in an internal report of the constitutional lawyers of President Christian Wulff.
According to the opinion climb with each additional year extension reported a risk that a law could be from the Federal Constitutional Court rejected, on the newspaper.
This explained the Federal President, the question of the constitutionality of a law extending the term NPP would be reviewed in the context of copy test in Article 82 GG.
Meanwhile , the federal government seems to bring about a solution to the question on Sunday of the longer – term nuclear power . This is a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the ministers from the Environmental, Economic and Finance, the Chancellery Minister, the chairman of the coalition factions and the coalition party leaders serve on early Sunday evening.

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Mercedes – Benz sold in August, significantly more cars

Mercedes-Benz_2009-02-28_022_(c) Anders STUTTGART (Thomson Financial) – Daimler AG has , thanks to the continuing high demand in China in August sold considerably more cars. With 86 800 Mercedes – Benz, smart , Maybach and AMG , the Stuttgart continued last month, from 18.5% more than last month, as the Mutual Group announced on Friday . (Photo : Anders)

However , car sales were then broken in the wake of the financial and economic crisis dramatically. So far this year drove a car Daimler subsidiary Mercedes – Benz Cars, a worldwide sales increase of 12.5 % to 800 200 cars.
Driven by the new E- and S-Class , sold the core brand Mercedes – Benz in August were 81 000 times the 22.4% more than last month. The smart small car on the other hand, lost in the favor of the Buyer: For the city cars to choose only 5,800 customers (-18.1 %). The Daimler hopes for the new generation of smart , which will be available in early October.
Sales Director Joachim Schmidt said: "The growth of Mercedes – Benz in August, the positive trend set : in almost all regions, we have gained in selling more . " Guarantee of success was once again the Chinese market, where Daimler brought in the previous month, 13 400 cars of the brand with the star ( +113.4 % ) to the customers.
Also on the main market in Germany was able to Mercedes- Benz grow against the trend. In a declining by about one quarter the total sales of the brand with the star rose by 17 % to 15 800 cars on the second most important market in the U.S. business remains on course for recovery : Daimler 18.800 ( 17 100 ) cars brought to the customers .
"In the coming months, we expect a continued positive development . Worldwide, we want to grow with Mercedes – Benz in full-year double-digit growth in 2010 , "confirmed head of sales Schmidt. Last year , the Stuttgart had sold a total of 1.13 million cars, one tenth less than last year. In 2015, the number of new cars sold by Mercedes – Benz to increase to 1.5 million.

Website: www.daimler.com
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Amtsgericht Essen confirmed Karstadt insolvency

2010-09-02_Karstadt_ddp FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – After months of cliffhanger is the future of the department store group Karstadt secured. The district court ruled on Friday the Food and insolvency was thus paved the way for the takeover of the department store Karstadt GmbH by the investor Nicolas Berggruen. ( Reuters photo 🙂

The bankruptcy administration is to 30 to hand make all preparations for September , Karstadt "key "to the Berggruen Holding, said Klaus Hubert Görg administrator .
In early June, Berggruen signed a purchase agreement, as additional conditions but further concessions demanded by the landlord Consortium High Street. After tough negotiations, the High Street ‘s creditors had agreed on Thursday to the demands of Berggruen for reduced rent for the Karstadt department stores.

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Coalition against new nomination process for board Buba

Bundesbankgebaeude - (c) Bundesbank BERLIN / FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The representatives of the government coalition in the Finance Committee of the Bundestag have spoken out against a procedural change in the nomination of Bundesbank directors . (Photo : Bundesbank)

Both the fiscal spokesman for the union group and the liberal chairman of the Finance Committee declared on Friday amendments to the procedure is unnecessary. Previously, the committee member had told of Alliance 90/The Greens , his party would take after the " case Sarrazin " a new attempt to change the procedure for nomination of directors Bundesbank .
"Not whatever kind of personal misconduct nomination process can exclude people . For this reason, I think a change in the nomination procedure is not for the right consequences , "said the chairman of the Finance Committee , Volker Wissing, on to Dow Jones Newswires Friday.
Bundesbank board Thilo Sarrazin was because of his statements to the intelligence of different ethnic groups living in Germany, advised and their genetic determination under fire. Subsequently, the Bundesbank had on Thursday Sarrazin dismissal under way and he deprived of his business . Prior to this, politicians and organizations have a dismissal of the former Berlin Finance Senator of the board of the Bundesbank demanded.
According to the Bundesbank Act, the order of the President and the Vice-President of the Bundesbank and one other board member is proposed by the federal government, the other three members on the proposal of the Federal Council , in agreement with the federal government. Sarrazin was on a proposal of the State of Berlin was nominated for the Bundesbank board.
Alliance 90/The Greens want to change the nomination process to the effect that candidates can apply for a tender process and be heard then . "The process must be transparent and there must be clear criteria, " said Gerhard Schick, a representative of his party in the Finance Committee of the German Bundestag , on Friday to Dow Jones Newswires. He hopes that the parties have yet to agree on a long-term, stable control can .
"I think that in the case Sarrazin consequences must be drawn. We propose that the parties together again to find a new process , "said Schick. The Federal Parliament should deal with this issue after the summer break. Alliance 90/The Greens had already proposed in the Finance Committee in March to reform the process for selecting directors Bundesbank . The project , however, was the opposition of CDU / CSU and FDP failed the abstention of the SPD.
Send it receives support from the academic side . So said the Mannheim Economics Professor Klaus Adam, the appeal of the Bundesbank had to be fundamentally changed. "Given the new tasks of the Bundesbank in financial and bank stabilization now the time has come to change this, and this date may be missed under any circumstances , "he said.
Adam says it is now on Bundesbank president Axel Weber to convince the policy of the need for change. " The best thing , the public tender for executive position – and that Europe would be , "said Adam. The Bundesbank had to get it assigned the primary responsibility for the selection of their board members – supported by experts from research institutes and universities.
On the other hand saw the fiscal spokesman Unions Parliamentary Group , Leo Dautzenberg , right after the dismissal motion against Sarrazin no need to change the selection rules for the Bundesbank board members : "We have a balanced system of federal government and states and an integration of the independent Bundesbank board. Any more political participation the good reputation of the Bundesbank could jeopardize as an independent central bank , "he said.
And said committee Chairman Wissing , "Who gains from the case Sarrazin conclusions about the quality of the competition , fails to recognize that has performed in the past, the vast majority of the Bundesbank board members their duties in a responsible manner for the good of our country. A change in procedure is not in my view, necessary. "

By Hans – Bentzien , Dow Jones Newswires , +49 (0 ) 69 29 725 300
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