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Springer displaced farmer

Auf in den M-Dax: Der Springer Verlag steigt auf. Quelle: ap

On the M -Dax : Springer Verlag rises. Source: AP

HB FRANKFURT. Medigene is facing relegation to the third from the TecDAX . The biotech company is the German technology index , 20 September to leave as the German stock exchange announced on Friday evening. Substitutes is Adva Optical. The network equipment was 2006-2008 before a member of the TecDAX .

exchange their places of civil engineering specialist builder and the publishing house Axel Springer. Springer takes in Cap Index MDax the place of farmers who descend into the SDax. There is another change : the stock market , where Bauer meets newcomer Ströer. The specialist for outdoor advertising devices replaced the TV manufacturer Loewe from the small value index.

The benchmark index Dax there are no changes. Here until the end of June had replaced the building materials company , HeidelbergCement the steel maker Salzgitter.

For the composition of the indices on the German stock market are two criteria: the market capitalization of the free float and trading volume of a stock. On 3 December is at the next review of the indices.

Apple gets from Google music to the ears

Steve Jobs vor dem Logo von iTunes, dem populären Online-Musikshop des Computerherstellers.

Steve Jobs before the logo from iTunes , the popular online music shop of the computer manufacturer .

HB NEW YORK. After seven years of market dominance must be Apple Set on a powerful competitor in the business of music from the Internet. The search engine giant Google negotiated with the music industry sources said intensive in its own supply network.

It should already be up to Christmas – the peak season in the industry. Google sets Apple so under pressure, also produce a music offering that is based on the " cloud " and therefore without a local storage on devices like iPods manages . Google would not comment on the details and only said that there is nothing to tell at this time .

Google numerous talks with music producers led on how the new distribution channel must be designed , said several people familiar with the plans. The negotiations will therefore Andy Rubin, who already Google has advanced mobile operating system Android. The objective is to enable the users to play the purchased songs from everywhere.

The music industry has been waiting long for the chance to offer via their digital data set in a so-called " Cloud "available to the users need is Internet access – regardless of which way they go online.

Still had no license contracts signed , it said in the circles on. The reactions in the industry, but enthusiastic. " At last, here comes a man who has the reach , resources and the wherewithal to iTunes to make an awe-inspiring way to competition, " said the manager of a music producer, who did not want to be named.

The combination of Google Search and mobile phone operating system creates a "very powerful attacker , which is good for the music business. " Apple controlled than before , almost the sole distribution channel every aspect of the business – from prices to the digital format in which the music must be made available .

Apple controlled with 70 percent of all iTunes digital music sales in the U.S.. The online retailer Amazon since 2007, with its own MP3 offering on the market , but so far only captured a share of just twelve percent. announced at the IFA in Berlin Sony turn to its iTunes now competing in Europe to bring to market.

The online multimedia platform Qriocity running since April in the U.S. and is due in the fall to Germany , France , Italy , Spain and Britain to be extended .

Court clears the way for the Karstadt- rescue

Investor Nicolas Berggruen: Alle Unterschriften liegen vor Quelle: dpa

Investor Nicolas Berggruen : All signatures are available Source : dpa

HB FOOD. The rescue of the department store chain Karstadt with 25 000 employees "has been formally . The district court approved on Friday the insolvency food for Karstadt, after all the creditors of the owner of the consortium High Street had agreed to lease the new Karstadt- owner Nicolas Berggruen.

The new contract , expressed with the Berggruen rent for the stores was the final condition for completion of the sale contract – and also the last hurdle for approval of the court. With the consent of the judge may Karstadt Essen are waived and that as a unit in the future. The horror scenario of destruction is now off the table – Metro competitor must hope for the acquisition of Karstadt department stores buried.

Previously , the future owner Karstadt Nicolas Berggruen had was optimistic for the future of the department store chain. "Karstadt is . Karstadt is now, I think , a very exciting lives , " Berggruen said on Friday in the Karstadt department store on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. "I am insanely happy that I am in the process . "

Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen , welcomed the impending rescue of the Karstadt department stores , warned however against premature euphoria. "It is a great day of joy for Karstadt. Karstadt is still not over the hill , but with Nicolas Berggruen , there is a real chance flottzumachen the company again, " the CDU politician said on Friday in Berlin.

The investor Nicolas Berggruen had announced in Berlin on Thursday evening , the necessary consents of all parties existed. The German -American billionaire had struggled for months to concessions from the landlord of the 120 stores to take over . They amount to a total of more than 400 million € .

The new lease is the last condition for the fulfillment of the purchase contract . Sources said the landlord Consortium High Street were missing on Friday morning, a few signatures of his own financial backers.

After the approval of the insolvency plan by the Essen district court may now begin the actual restoration of the ailing department store group. Berggruen will receive all 120 branches . Invest € 70 million he wants to own capital , when the contract comes into force. The brand Karstadt is to be rejuvenated and fashionable. It is expected that the 48 years old financier shortly submit details of their approach.

The Verdi union , welcomed the emerging agreement. " We note that all the signals we receive are positive, " said a spokeswoman. This is also good news for the employees. Berggruen had in June of insolvency Görg won the bid for Karstadt, but since then haggled with High Street to concessions on the rent . The 25,000 employees will Berggruen – unlike its competitors spare – . Early on he had additional cuts in personnel , unlike its competitors in the bidding race for Karstadt rejected that. Fest is already agreed a restructuring of the employees contribution in the amount of € 150 million , including through the temporary waiver of holiday and Christmas bonuses ..

The next challenge is the daily struggle for the favor of customers. In the short term are now in the department store business , orders for spring merchandise. After the decision was not informed of the fate of the department store chain, slid again on the back burner , then haste is necessary . Not only the employees but also the many suppliers had always insisted on a solution to finally have security for the upcoming deliveries.

The landlord Consortium High Street, which alone includes 86 houses , and its investors had Berggruen tense until the last day on the rack . The investors were advised in London. It was not until shortly before closing gates had High Street negotiation sources said it agreed with a final group of donors on debt restructuring to which had been bitterly fought for days . If the court now absegnet the plan , Germany’s largest department store chain may end of September after 16 months to be released from bankruptcy.

Blackwater is working under a false flag

Blackwater-Zentrale in Moyock (US-Bundesstaat North Carolina). Die umstrittene Söldnerfirma hat sich aus Imagegründen in XE Service umbenannt.

Blackwater headquarters in Moyock (U.S. state of North Carolina). The controversial mercenary company has been renamed for image reasons in XE Service.

WASHINGTON HB . According to the "New York Times" The company has established a total of 31 subsidiary companies in order to grab in the guise of other names further orders of the U.S. armed forces and – secret . They have identified the Senate Armed Services Committee , wrote the paper. Some of these cuttings were established in foreign tax havens.

At least three of Blackwater ‘s subsidiaries have received from the secret CIA contracts. The organization had only been with Blackwater and the network of subsidiary companies since 2001, business in the amount of 600 million dollars ( 465 million euros). Among them is a new order for 100 million dollars for operations in Afghanistan.

The chairman of the Senate Committee , Carl Levin ( Democrat ), called on the Justice Department to investigate whether Blackwater had been deceived by the appearance among dozens of names , the U.S. authorities for contracts .

The company was in the past repeatedly implicated in scandals. After the company was advised because of the shooting of 17 civilians in Baghdad in 2007 in the criticism , it is named in XE services. The U.S. State Department had revoked Blackwater then orders for the protection of staff and convoys in Iraq.

Just recently joined the company a comparison with the U.S. government for nearly 300 violations of export laws in the years 2003 to 2009. It includes the payment of 42 million dollars ( 33 million euro) fine , to keep their criminal action saves .

After comparing the recovery of its 40 000 -strong private army but , according to the U.S. State Department continue to receive government contracts.

In media reports, there had previously been called , that the company would be based in South Carolina, accused among other violations of the Arms Act. Among other things, it would be accused of having concealed weapons a gift to the Jordanian King Abdullah with false papers.

Originally the government had hired Blackwater to protect U.S. soldiers and diplomatic staff in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over time, the private army grew more and also did jobs for the CIA. The aim is Blackwater mercenaries to torture interrogations in secret prisons by the U.S. Secret Service have been involved .

"Failure can not afford Berggruen "

Handelsexperte Thomas Roeb von der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg attestiert dem Karstadt-Management "einen Plan, mit dem man etwas anfangen kann".

Thomas Roeb trade expert from the University of Bonn -Rhein -Sieg certifies the Karstadt management " a plan that you can do something. "

Handelsblatt Online: What are the chances Karstadt will leave now after nearly a half years, the bankruptcy ?

Thomas Roeb : I considered a merger with Kaufhof long time the only solution. But the Karstadt management at Thomas Fox does have a plan with which you can start something. Even with the current rent payments , you obviously do not have operational loss. In addition , the Group has separated from source . That was the millstone around the neck. With the appropriate leadership that Karstadt has now apparently , I think the chain of survival for the medium term . It may also be in 20 years on the market , albeit perhaps with some homes less than today.

If the image is not damaged by the long cliffhanger ?

Of course it would have been better , the whole theater would not have played. The customer has barely touched it but , as the positive sales trend shows .

What Nicolas Berggruen is better than for Karstadt managers who have failed in the past ten years in succession ?

Berggruen is nothing better than a department store manager . But as owner , he is better than the overtaxed Madeleine Schickedanz. Berggruen is a man who knows what he must respect . He knows his limits of competence and knows where he needs specialists and where it finds them. The current management is doing much better than the previous Karstadt handlebars.

The recipes sound but not new : the brand Karstadt is to be rejuvenated, the stores will offer more experience and more expensive to purchase . Convinced you that?

The basic options for department stores are limited and well known. More important are the details and especially the implementation. Here, above all, Karstadt CEO Thomas Middelhoff has failed.

How can Karstadt succeed?

The focus of textile is the battlefield on which the whole thing won or lost . Obviously, Karstadt will build a vertical supply chain and the expertise of a specialist shop to acquire . It is important that from the lip often were finally a reality. Management has also recognized how important it is to build a local profile . There are approaches that implement with a suitable concept. However, stores will have to fight. After all, it is realistic that they can work .

The buyer acquires Karstadt for a symbolic € € 70 million and wants to put their own capital in the chain. Is that enough ?

With the 70 million euro can certainly not do very much. That’s only half a million per store. But Karstadt ‘s operating results and in conjunction with the now reached Mietreduktionen enough funds will be available to the reorganization to be successful.

Why does the landlord consortium, which includes more than 80 of the 120 stores , a renovation contribution of 400 million € ?

If it did not, it would probably become insolvent , and which would bring the landlords even greater losses. In addition, the landlord , ie High Street, Karstadt had indeed can buy your own. That’s what they dare not really like the unsuccessful offer shows . Berggruen has the Karstadt management trusts , High Street has not done so.

It circulated suspicions, Berggruen prepare quietly before the filleting of Karstadt. there something to that ?

That does not seem plausible , and I see no evidence that he has in mind. If he wanted to buy a company to dismantle it , there would be this world’s really interesting objects. For a merger with Karstadt Kaufhof is uninteresting as a whole, this would be a bankruptcy have been the most economical solution . I think the deeper division in premium , goods and sports stores so motivated for organizational and business management. She is also a kind of fire protection for the good parts of the Group. A failure or breakage can not afford Berggruen , moreover , too. He would damage his name and his father and the enormous.