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Federation : Agreement with nuclear plant operators only support fund

2010-09-06_meiler_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The agreement between the Federal Government and the utilities and the nuclear power plant operators , which was dubbed in the media as a secret , has , according to government spokesman Steffen Seibert alone fund its planned funding for the development of renewable energy to the subject . ( Reuters photo 🙂

But it should not affect the life extension or the safety of nuclear power plants (NPP ). The cornerstones of the agreement constituted a " precursor "to a future contract , which was to be published in connection with the energy , and is " falsely been called a secret , " Seibert said on Friday in Berlin.
The Federal Government had worked out last Sunday cornerstones of the energy , and especially the part on the extension of maturities for the nuclear power plants . Here there was agreement that would make nuclear power operator in the 60 % of their progress through the life extension of extra profit .
This happens to one of the fuel tax. On the other hand would have to pay the utility in a support fund payments. "This promotion fund – and nothing else – was the subject of discussions with the companies on Sunday , not the life extension and not the security , "said Seibert.
The term extension was a purely political decision based on scientific calculations. About the security would advise all on their own , not with the utilities , but between federal and state governments . Security was above all economic and financial considerations , "said Seibert.
Due to the payments in the fund would support billions together for the promotion and expansion of renewable energies. The cornerstones of the agreement was "the precise written version " of the agreements to the government spokesman said . The energy companies to lay down on huge payments. Fixed it was also that the operator does not even regained their payments , "if a future government should come up with the idea to change the political stance on nuclear energy (and therefore the life extension ), "said Seibert.
The corners are now the groups have been sent . Some clarifications would be made. Secrecy is "far far away from all reality and the intentions of this government , "the government spokesman. The government wanted to create an energy concept for Germany and the " full transparency ", assured the government spokesman.
Website: www.bundesregierung.de
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Government welcomes the agreement is in the case Sarrazin

2010-09-01_sarazzin_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Federal Government has welcomed on Friday found the friendly settlement in the matter of Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin , who on Thursday agreed with the Federal Reserve be leaving office . ( Reuters photo 🙂

"It is good that there is this agreement is now, and that is why the Bundesbank is now back to work in peace in their important tasks, " government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin.
Further evaluation of the process , he refused , citing from the independence of the Bundesbank, the government " hold in very high esteem . " Seibert said that the government had played no role. "The Federal Government has made no impact on that decision , not the decision of its Executive Board , which is completely independent , and certainly not natural to the decision of Mr. Sarrazin . "
The Bundesbank had announced on Thursday evening that the parties of its cooperation with a view of the public debate "to the end of the month would end by mutual agreement.

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Russia imported 63.1% less poultry meat

2010-08-31_Hühnerhof_ddp MOSCOW (Dow Jones) – Russia has imported in the period January-July 169 800 t poultry worth 284.8 million USD. As the State Customs Authority announced on Friday next , this corresponds to a volume decrease of 63.1 % over the same period last year. ( Reuters photo 🙂

The meat comes exclusively from countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States ( CIS). The significant decrease in imports is largely due to the fact that Russia had received during the period no poultry from the U.S.. In the U.S. poultry meat is disinfected in chlorinated pools , which is against Russian health regulations. Meanwhile , both countries have agreed on the resumption of deliveries.

In addition, led Russia in August of pork , worth 155.5 million USD , representing an increase of 4.4 % from 148.9 million USD last year , as the customs service reported . Compared to pork imports in Wartenwert of USD 178.2 million from the previous month, July is clear , however, a decrease of 12.7%.

The beef imports thus reached in August worth 170.3 million USD. Compared to the 219.5 million USD from August 2009 it had only 77.6% and compared to USD 212.5 million set in July , only 80.2%. Amount of data on imports was not the customs authority.

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Bundesbank and Sarrazin separate agreement for month-end

2010-09-01_sarazzin_ddp FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The German Bundesbank and its board member Thilo Sarrazin go separate ways. As the Bundesbank announced on Thursday evening , she and her co- Sarrazin end of the month will end by mutual agreement. ( Reuters photo 🙂

"Dr. Sarrazin has asked the President to relieve him from office. The Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank thanks Dr. Sarrazin for him as a member of the Board work . Both sides are no longer comment on this matter , " said in the statement.
The declaration also states the board of the German Bundesbank and the Board member Dr. Thilo Sarrazin are aware of their responsibility for the institution of German Bundesbank. " In view of the public discussion, the parties of its co- end of the month would end by mutual agreement. The Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank has his application dated September 3, 2010 withdrew the remarks and just not judgmental of its press release of August 30, 2010 upright , "says literally.
The Bundesbank had called for dismissal because of his controversial remarks Sarrazin on the genetically determined differences in intelligence of different ethnic groups living in Germany . Proposals for Sarrazin successor must come from the Federal Council. Of proposal have Rhineland- Palatinate and Saarland.

Website: www.bundesbank.de
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Trichet for ECB gradual exit from crisis aid – FT

2009-11-05_Trichet_14-(c) Rolf Anders LONDON (Dow Jones) – The European Central Bank (ECB ) in the wake of the financial crisis, measures taken to increase lending to the banks should be dismantled in stages according to estimates by ECB President Jean -Claude Trichet. (Photo : Anders)

The ECB will follow the market with a gradual exit from the crisis assistance, once the normalization used , Trichet told the Financial Times (FT – Friday edition ). The process will take time .
The current situation in the markets demand remains high vigilance of central banks and other decision makers. "We find ourselves in an uncertain universe, " Trichet said , adding: "We must always be prepared for new challenges that are not necessarily predictable and unpredictable in some ways. " wanted to reform the capital and liquidity requirements for banks not comment , the ECB president , but stressed the need for "fair playing field out . "
The stress testing at banks that Trichet would have to be made earlier. In the stress tests for the banking industry was important that they are conducted in a single framework. " have the ECB and the Bank of England is very much in favor of this stress test, " said Trichet. "Obviously it was a very complex institutional environment , which made the cooperation of the 27 capitals of the EU. "
Trichet also advocated that Member States have withdrawn from the euro area for breaching EU budget rules their votes temporarily. "I do not appeal for Member States ( from the euro area ) to exclude , but a temporary suspension of voting rights is something that should be investigated , "the ECB president . In the supervision of the fiscal policies of euro area countries was a " quantum leap "is needed .

Website: www.ft.com
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