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President promotes minimum wage employers

HB BERLIN. The FDP should give up their resistance, Hundt said the magazine Super Illu "according to a preliminary report on Saturday. This was not new collective wage limits, but about the transfer of German temporary employment agency statutory minimum wages to foreign competitors. "This is a task that should not refuse the FDP," said Hundt.

The background is the spring of 2011 in force movement of workers from Eastern Europe. "In the eastern neighboring countries, there are employment agencies that intend to collective agreements of 4.80 € per hour, from May 2011 to become active in Germany," Hundt said further. "This is not acceptable." At the same time, he expressed full understanding that the FDP will refuse new minimum wages.

Hundt warned, even if only a few hundred temporary workers come cheap to Germany, this would discredit the time working here. Therefore, the coverage is now applicable tariff wage limits are included in the posting, called the President of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations.

JU-CEO sees in Halloween attack on Christian values

HB writes BERLIN / HAMBURG.In the Bild am Sonntag "Mißfelder:" We have a duty to defend Christian traditions against the Zeitgeist, he may still come along so relaxed. " The embossed pumpkins Carnival replacement displacing the time of reflection about the Reformation and All Saints.

"Shall we send our children prefer sweet monster masks to begging on the street, instead of them closer to the religious foundations of our society?" Asked Mißfelder. "I say no."

The National Chairman of the Young Liberals, Lasse Becker sees Halloween however as part of German reality. Traditions were growing together globally. Everyone can make his life as he wanted.

Käßmann: media report on issues of little church

According to the former President of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Margot Kaessmann, religious issues are underrepresented in the media. "It is a contempt of reality that occur in the media such issues so little. I find this really sad loss of tradition," said Käßmann the Hamburg news magazine "Spiegel", according to a preliminary report on Friday.

"50 million people in Germany are members of a church. Five million regularly go on Sunday in a church service, 700 000 visits on the weekend of a football stadium.

About football but is constantly reported, "criticized Käßmann. People often do not know what should be celebrated and confused about the Reformation with Halloween.

Käßmann resigned in February after a drunken driving from her post as EKD Council. Over time, omnipresent in the media after her resignation Käßmann said the magazine: "I’m just happy to have my peace." They have also all invitations to annual reviews of television presenters such as Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch canceled.

Energy certificate inconclusive

BERLIN. Many of the evidence presented in recent years means-energy certificates for buildings are not very useful. This has now given the KfW development bank. Direct impact on building owners have applied for housing that will be subsidized by the KfW loans. You need to adjust to that KfW requires a recalculation.

The review of applications for the "KfW-efficiency home" – it features a particularly energy-saving houses – have been found "that the calculation results depending on the software solution unusually differ widely, informs the KfW. The basis for the creation of the certificate serves DIN V 18599, expected after the SOFTWARE programs will therefore until further with KfW no longer apply.

The development bank is reacting to the criticism that already last year, the Planning Bureau and the Archinea specializing in energy issues Frankfurt lawyer Werner argued Dorssers. They showed that the results of demand-oriented energy pass for one and the same building vary by up to 30 percent – depending on which are entered in the software program (identical) data. The Federal Ministry is now called the software manufacturer to test their products and to justify the different calculation results.

Werner Dorssers is not far enough. Because the problem is far worse in office buildings than in residential buildings. He recommends that the Ministry of Construction to take on Luxembourg is an example. There, the state’s energy consultants uniform in size significantly reduced software.

Police and FDP criticism on ePerso

HB OSNABRÜCK. The chairman of the Federal German Police, Klaus Jansen, accused the government of the New Osnabruecker newspaper before, for cost reasons relied on outdated technology. The card readers come with a technology for online businesses to market, "when criminals click with his tongue." His association had repeatedly called "high-quality readers with a separate keyboard to prescribe how they are planned for the electronic health card."

According to Jansen, it is highly risky if the PIN be entered for the new card to the computer keyboard should be. "The input can follow criminals, unless the computer is infected with malware," he warned. The state weigh the people here in false sense of security.

Likewise, for the police union (GdP) criminals to spy out data is made too easy. "My advice is: Stay away from the new card as long as its teething problems are not resolved," said federal Vice-GdP Bernhard Witt skin and warned against "blind trust in the new technology."

"In view of at least one million infected computers in Germany is happening here on a massive security problem."

Similar sentiments were expressed to the parliamentary secretary of the FDP parliamentary group, Christian Ahrens: "Not everything that is new, you should buy," he said. It will be shown soon, "that the new ID card is not as safe at a distance, as now promised."

The electronic ID card will replace this Monday the existing ID card. In recent months there had already been a lot of criticism and doubts about the safety. Among other experts criticized as the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) that attackers could spy on unprotected computers also the PIN for the online identification.

The end of the paper chase

BERLIN. Without Smartphone with many employees of Procter & Gamble is no more. 20 000 employees of the consumer goods company has equipped with mobile devices that enable quick access to presentations or other documents. However, it was awkward when the documents had to be printed. For this, it was long needed to retrieve the data on a computer.

The detour will save a technique of Xerox, claims to global market leader for business process and document management. Directly from the smartphone can be exploited by Procter & Gamble any desired printer. Not even need to download drivers or software to employees. You get the documents easily from a server via cloud computing, that is a central Web-based IT application.

Number of the devices drops significantly

Procter & Gamble lowered costs not only because the workers need less work for printing. A centrally controlled document management has also ensured that more than 35,000 could be scrapped by former 45 000 printers. Reduced expenditure on higher service – that’s the promise of the provider of the so-called Managed Print Services (MPS). The message is: According to a recent study by the UK IT analyst firm Quocirca demand increases significantly. After that measure more than two thirds of companies surveyed on the subject even strategic significance. Because with comparatively little effort can achieve significant effects.

To 1.5 to three percent of the total turnover of a company estimates a study by the IT giant IBM, the savings potential of a controlled and standardized document and data management. Contributing to this are more efficient work processes. A positive side effect: The companies can dress up their environmental performance, because they contain such as paper consumption.

Usage rights for employees

Car manufacturer Fiat is aiming at, for instance, reduce the Group with an MPS solution alone the cost of printing by a third. For this, purified under other devices the park, managed unified and centrally. A number of tricks helps keep escalating printing costs in check. Notorious All prints are detected, because the costs can be automatically assigned to departments or employees. It is also possible to assign different user rights. Only a few employees may then print in color, while others only on both sides or ink-saving draft mode.

Prerequisite for building a modern printing solution is an in-depth analysis. The Nuremberg Services unmasked TA Triumph-Adler and his advisers initially unnecessary costs eaters. In addition to expensive ink may also have dirt from different manufacturers on the budget. Triumph-Adler takes over, the supply of hardware, software and consumables from a single source. The company manages and maintains all office systems. The settlement follows a uniform price per page – whether printed, copied or faxed will.

In general, the trend is certainly away from the paper. "The paperless office will remain but an illusion, but the digital future will provide fewer invoices, delivery documents or notifications," says Stephan Vanberg, head of the Central and Eastern European operations of Streamserve Germany. The specialist for output management, including solutions for automatically generated documents such as invoices and letters of the health insurance to their policyholders. A software to support employees in writing letters. They can do so the correspondence is much faster.

Not only the productivity increases – some letters are even more understandable. lower have such a large telecommunications company, according Vanberg the number of inquiries from customers by 23 percent. For it emerged thanks understandable breakdowns less cryptic line item on the invoices.

Software evaluates letters

Increasingly, it is in benefits to more than printers and printer supplies. "We do basic research for the future of document management," says Sophie Vandebroek about, research manager at Xerox. In their laboratories will present a "Facts Potter" was developed. The software is able to evaluate the content of letters, emails and faxes automatically. As with a semantic search engine on the Internet, the program finds out whether it is a letter from a technical inquiry, an order or a complaint.

According to the category will print the message only when needed. Vandebroek expected that digital document management technologies are yet to advance further. What they believe is urgently necessary, "it is still too much print to it then throw it away." Two years ago, Xerox has developed a special technique that can reduce the waste – an ink that fades within a short time. The paper can then be reused.

Target group

Size The rule of thumb is Managed Print Services in businesses worth more than 100 employees. Specifically, the sense of a mission depends on it, how much is printed.

Industry High demand in the financial sector. With such insurance is necessary that policies be in print. As more industries with high paper consumption are public administrations, educational institutions and health care.