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Brüderle: Closure of the marketing fund is good signal

Berlin (Dow Jones) – Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle (FDP) has considered the closing of the Business Fund Germany as a "good signal" and sign for the progressive phasing out of economic stimulus packages.

The expiry of the Fund shows that Germany had allowed the crisis largely behind him and with power going forward, Brüderle said on Tuesday in Berlin with the adoption of the members of the Steering Council’s corporate financing "of the Management Fund Germany.
"This year we expect 2.3% growth in Germany, and it will continue to go well in our estimation, in the further development," said the minister. The government programs should therefore be back again. State and the market would again in a different balance to be brought back and returned to orderly lines of the social market economy. "If not it’s raining, do you do to the screen," said Brüderle. In addition, growth should be steadily reduced the national debt.
The Business Fund Germany was set up in early 2009 to help businesses in coping with financial problems, which were incurred following the economic and financial crisis. Total volume was 115 billion EUR. There have been forgiven loans and guarantees totaling some 14 billion EUR. In total, nearly 20,000 businesses have received a commitment. At the end of 2010, the Economic Fund of Germany has been closed.
Brüderle thanked in the adoption of the Governing Council, its volunteer members for their work. While the economic and financial crisis, the "Lenkungsrat corporate finance" the government advice on the procurement of large loans and guarantees from the Economic Fund of Germany. Members of the Governing Council were Hubertus Erlen, Martin Hellwig, Jürgen Heraeus, Walter Hirche, Nikolaus Knauf, Michael Rogowski, Hubertus Schmoldt, and Alfred Tacke.