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Gaddafi’s faithful rebel push into a corner

Rebellen in Ras Lanuf (Donnerstag): Gaddafi-Truppen mit massiver Offensive

Rebels in Ras Lanuf (Thursday): Gadhafi troops with massive offensive

The Gadhafi troops appear with their offensive against the rebels in Libya to get the upper hand: From Sawija and the oil city of Ras Lanuf reported heavy fighting, the rebels come under increasing pressure.

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Brega – Libyan government forces are engaged on Friday after data rebels in the embattled port city of Ras Lanuf. In the city center were troops of rulers Muammar al-Gaddafi see, said a spokesman for the rebels. There were several boats with dozens of soldiers arrived. In the inner city about 150 regime loyalists are engaged with three tanks. The streets will be fought.

On Thursday, the Libyan air force bombed rebel positions in the Ras Lanuf. Opponents had also reported attacks on the port city located 90 kilometers east Brega.

The city is Sawija by days of heavy fighting obviously devastated and is now probably in the hands of Gadhafi troops. The British channel ITV News reports of numerous deaths and injuries there. The streets were almost deserted, "said a reporter from the station that had claims to be the first journalist to the end of fighting in the city.

Call for help from rebels

The chairman of the National Council, founded by the rebels, Mustafa Abdel Jelil, told the British broadcaster BBC, the Libyan Air Force would benefit from Gaddafi’s "destroyed". "We have demanded from the first day of a no-fly zone. We urgently need weapons, and we need humanitarian aid and doctors in the besieged cities of Gaddafi’s supporters," said Jelil.

Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam announced that the offensive would continue. "We come," he told supporters in Tripoli with a view to advancing troops towards Benghazi. The second largest city in the country had been taken at the beginning of the uprising by the rebels.

This Friday, the leaders of the 27 EU countries discussed at a special summit in Brussels on the crisis in Libya. The EU wants to increase the pressure on Gaddafi and is expected to call for its withdrawal. In contrast, a military deployment or a no-fly zone have not yet been provided.

The African Union (AU) rejected any military intervention from abroad. Responsible for security matters AU Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra said in Addis Ababa, the African Union is the "unity and territorial integrity of Libya" committed.

Debate about "better logistics" of the Gadhafi troops

The Gulf Cooperation Council on Monday had a no-fly zone would be enforced militarily, approved by the UN. The Arab League foreign ministers will discuss on Saturday in Cairo about it. Clinton said U.S. Secretary of State in Washington, a plan for a possible no-fly zone would NATO on 15 Submitted in March.

The White House played down the assessment by U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper, after Gaddafi has a good chance in the fight against the rebels retain the upper hand. The security advisor to President Barack Obama, Tom Donilon, spoke of a "one-dimensional analysis", which would leave a number of factors into account. Clapper had based his opinion on Thursday before so that the Gaddafi regime has a much better equipment and logistics as its opponent and can therefore survive a long-lasting conflict better. Gaddafi will probably stay long term.

Donilon said Clappers assessment is based exclusively on Gaddafi’s military capabilities and resources. In this sense, one could arrive at his opinion. Clapper had not taken the pressure into the equation, the performers on the international community Gaddafi, nor any support for the rebels. He did not take into account different "dynamics" as the wave of independence movements in the Middle East.

Dutch soldiers released

Movement there is in the case of those arrested in Libya Dutch soldiers. According to nearly two weeks in captivity, the three again. How a Defense Ministry spokesman announced on Friday in The Hague, the Libyan capital Tripoli, the soldiers were with a Greek military plane to Athens exit, where they were expected in the morning. The two men and a woman were on 27 was in February during a rescue operation for two foreign civilians in the town of Sirte nordlibyschen arrested. It will go well, "said the spokesman.

The soldiers had landed without permission of the Libyan authorities with a Marine helicopter in Sirte, to bring a Dutch engineering and another in European security. The helicopter, however, was attacked at the start. Troops of the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi captured the soldiers, two civilians were handed over to the Dutch embassy in Tripoli.

Assange lawyer complains of procedural errors

The defender of WikiLeaks-founder Julian Assange doubts about the objectivity of the process in Sweden. The newspaper Expressen had reported that an investigator was personally acquainted with one of the alleged victims. The police dismissed the allegations.

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Stockholm – A Swedish police investigator in the case of WikiLeaks-founder Julian Assange was reportedly an acquaintance of one of the alleged victims. The newspaper Expressen reported that the police officers who heard the two women last August, accusing the then Assange sexual harassment and rape, be with one of the women had previously been in contact.

Accordingly, were the official and the alleged victim more than a year before the inquiry on the web in contact. In addition, they were both members of the Swedish Social Democrats, the newspaper reported. According to Expressen, the police officer would have known her when entering the police station has discovered. But rather than make the case for bias, it questioned the two women.

The Swedish police explained that the investigator in question have not taken the testimony of her friend, but the other woman and was then also not involved in the investigation have been.

Earlier reported the two victims did not actually lodge a complaint against Assange, but check at the police station only if they could force him to an HIV test after he allegedly against their express wishes unprotected sex with them. So it was one of the officials involved in the survey that has sent the Prosecutor’s complaint of sexual harassment and rape.

The lawyer for the alleged victims, Claes Borgström, said there were "numerous erroneous facts" in the report of "Expressen". Assange Swedish defender Björn Quickly, however, was, should prove true that the "first interview is not objective", it would have been from the beginning no reason for the investigation. Perhaps the entire case should be reopened.

Assange, is against the established officially on suspicion of rape in minor cases, as well as sexual harassment and coercion, is currently in the UK under house arrest. The Swedish Justice has requested his extradition and get right in the first instance. Assange Lawyers lodged an appeal. The internet activist had always denied the allegations and sees these as part of a conspiracy. He feared that Sweden would eventually deliver him to the U.S.. The U.S. Attorney is considering legal action against Assange for publishing secret government documents on WikiLeaks.

Police holds senior ETA members in France

The French police have taken several members of the Basque separatist group Eta. According to the Spanish radio is also among the suspected military leader of the group. The men were armed and traveling with false papers.

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Madrid – The French police for information the Spanish broadcasting the alleged military leader of the Basque separatist group Eta has been taken. Alejandro Zobaran Arriola was arrested on Thursday evening in the north of France, reported to the Spanish national radio station. The French authorities announced the arrest of four suspected Eta members in the Pas-de-Calais.

The French investigators gave no information about their identity and function within the organization. The exact identification was still pending, because the fingerprints have to be balanced, it was said. An anti-terrorist police unit have been watching the quartet for several days.

According to the online edition of the Spanish newspaper "El Pais", the four men were arrested in a house in town Will Court north of Amiens. This weapons and documents were seized. The police were the four ETA members for several days been on the track. A man with whom she wanted to stay as a student alleged, had become suspicious and alerted the police.

According to Spanish media Zobaran led since May 2010, the military apparatus of ETA, Mikel Karrera Sarobe his predecessor had been arrested in southwestern France Bayonne. Zobaran would be the sixth leading member of Eta, which ended the investigators within two years online. He is said to have previously belonged to the so-called Donosti command, which in Spain perpetrated attacks on offices, post offices and banks.

For several years, France and Spain have strengthened cooperation in the pursuit of ETA members. Since August 2009, the separatist group in Spain has committed no more stop. Earlier this year the ETA declared a cease-fire, But which of the Government in Madrid has rejected as inadequate.

By the European Union and the United States classified as a terrorist organization ETA has been trying for more than four decades to force the independence of the Basque Country in northern Spain and southern France. It is blamed for the deaths of nearly 830 people.

Rebels Strike Back Gadhafi troops

Heavy battles rock Libya: Gaddafi troops on the morning the city Sawija attacked – the rebels could strike back, they revealed. Dense black smoke hangs over the place. The fear of the next attack is growing. Follow the events in the live ticker.

People in Sawija fear new, cruel attacks

A resident of Sawija named Hussein says the BBC, Gadhafi troops would gather – the people in town expect a new attack. Hussein is the militant: ".. We are prepared to defend ourselves until the last minute, we are no longer afraid It’s too late to be afraid, many of our children are dead.." Most of the opponents of the government in Sawija were civilians who had no real weapons. The Gadhafi troops they attacked with heavy artillery. "People are dying everywhere. It’s a disaster."

Last group of Chinese flown

The state television in Beijing reports that the last Chinese workers had left Libya secure. A plane had flown more than 300 people, they have now reached Guangzhou in southern China. The workers fled to Tunisia before the riots. An estimated 30,000 Chinese had previously worked in Libya, particularly in the oil and construction industries.

+ + + ‘Gaddafi’s troops fled, "+ + +

An eyewitness reports from the BBC Sawija, until recently there had been fierce fighting. Gaddafi’s troops had arrived from the west and east. The rebels were able to capture light and some tanks. Another eyewitness named Mohammed says the BBC, the government had wanted to take the place of faithful in the center of the city, but had failed. "Gaddafi’s troops are nowhere to be seen more. They are all fled."

+ + + Libyan rebels: "We won for now in Sawija" + + +

The insurgents from the city Sawija report that they had repulsed the attacks of Gadhafi troops. This says a spokesman for the rebels told Reuters: "They came this morning with heavy artillery, hundreds of soldiers with tanks, we have fought and won for now.." The information can not be independently confirmed.

+ + + Helpfulness of the Tunisian + + +

The situation of the refugees at the Libyan-Tunisian border has eased, according to one of the German Red Cross helpers something. Although would still refugees across the border, but less than on previous days, said Holger Schmidt, probed for the DRC, the humanitarian situation in the border area, in Germany Kultur. Meanwhile, authorities and aid agencies had a "system" on the legs found that ensures the rapid accommodation of the refugees. As before, however, would have a few thousand people in the open overnight. Schmidt praised the helpfulness of the local population: for various villages therefore take an aid convoy with bread, water and milk donations.

+ + + Explosion of a weapons depot: The death toll rose + + +

on Friday blew up an arms depot near Benghazi – Now the death toll rose. At least 27 people were killed, reported a hospital. Dozens of people were injured. Whether the explosion was caused by an accident, sabotage or an air attack was still unclear. Nobody had seen an airplane, "said Mustafa Gheriani, a spokesman for the so-called National Council, which was called the rebels in the east of the country controlled by them to life.

+ + + Many dead and injured in fighting in Ras Lanuf + + +

After the fierce battles in the oil port of Ras Lanuf now the number of victims are known. A hospital in Adschdabija reports at least eight people were killed on Friday. There had been more than 20 injured. Presumably, it has still a lot more casualties. The situation in the highly competitive port city, there were different information: While hundreds celebrated rebels in Ras Lanuf, had a member of the Libyan leadership reports back on the capture of the city.

+ + + Sniper in Sawija + + +

sniper opened in Sawija now in the fire at anyone who go to his balcony to the street or enter reports, eye witnesses. After the attacks of Gadhafi troops to the city, the rebels have now retreated further into the town and taken new positions. "We shall fight on the streets and never give up as long as Qadhafi remains in power," said a government opponent.

+ + + Dense black smoke over Sawija + + +

Several fires rage apparently Sawija. Over parts of the city depends, according to eyewitnesses Sawija dense black smoke. Fierce fighting between government opponents and undermined the regime’s agents place shortly before.

+ + + Death threats against doctors + + +

The violence in the city Sawija is also directed against helper. Doctors at the hospital reported attacks on ambulances and death threats against medical personnel. Who exactly they attacked was not known.

+ + + Fierce fighting in Sawija + + +

Sawija been rocked by heavy fighting. The city would have been heavily shelled with artillery and tank shells, reported an eyewitness to the Arab news channel al-Jazeera.

+ + + Libyan rebels are advancing westwards + + +

The rebels in the east of Libya’s claims to pass before further west. After the conquest of the port of Ras Lanuf to the opponents of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the control of the 60 kilometers from the city Bin Jawad took over. This said fighters of the insurgency. According to eyewitnesses, some rebel units will be even further on the rise. Jawad Bin lies some 525 kilometers west of the capital Tripoli.

+ + + Machine guns and mortars: Gadhafi troops attack Sawija + + +

troops of the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi have broken through positions of government opponents in the city Sawija. This eyewitness report. The Gaddafi-loyal fighters shot down accordingly with machine guns and fired mortars. They were now in the city. Sawija is located 50 kilometers west of Tripoli and has been the closest to the capital city in the hands of government opponents. The witnesses expressed their phone, at the meeting were shots and explosions heard.

+ + + German Navy Libya brings refugees to Egypt + + +

The German Navy started off the Tunisian coast, with the evacuation of refugees. Two frigates and a task force supply had gone off the Tunisian port of Gabes at anchor, said a Defense Ministry spokesman. Several hundred refugees would now be related to lifeboats on the ship, which will then head towards their home country Egypt. details of the action is coordinated by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), was not mentioned by the spokesman.