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Westar Energy Inc – Key Employees


Job Title



William B Moore

President and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Board

1595636 USD

Charles Q Chandler


Non Executive Board

Mollie Hale Carter


Non Executive Board

R A Edwards


Non Executive Board

Jerry B Farley


Non Executive Board

Anthony Isaac


Senior Management

Arthur Krause


Non Executive Board

Sandra A J Lawrence


Non Executive Board

Michael Morrissey


Non Executive Board

John C Nettels


Non Executive Board

James Ludwig

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Consumer Services

Senior Management

338671 USD

Mark A Ruelle

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Senior Management

912298 USD

Doug Sterbenz

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Senior Management

972692 USD

Bruce Akin

Vice President, Operations Strategy and Support

Senior Management

506473 USD

Jeff Beasley

Vice President, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit

Senior Management

Greg A Greenwood

Vice President, Generation Construction

Senior Management

Kelly B Harrison

Vice President, Transmission Operations and Environmental Services

Senior Management

Larry Irick

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Senior Management

567042 USD

Ken Johnson

Vice President, Generation

Senior Management

Michael Lennen

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Senior Management

Peggy S Loyd

Vice President, Customer Care

Senior Management

Tony Somma


Senior Management

Leroy P Wages

Vice President and Controller

Senior Management

Caroline A Williams

Vice President, Distribution Power Delivery

Senior Management

Westar Energy Inc – History

The company has its origins in 1909, when The American Power & Light Company organized Kansas Gas and Electric Company to operate utilities in Wichita, Pittsburg and Frontenac. KG&E grew rapidly. At the end of 1920, it served three communities and 5,525 customers. By 1925, service extended to 50 communities and 48,773 customers. At one time KG&E also provided natural gas to Hutchinson, Newton, Pittsburg and Wichita.

With financial backing from Illinois Power and Light Corporation, The Kansas Power and Light Company was founded in 1924 in Tecumseh. Transmission lines ran to Topeka and Atchison. The company immediately began acquiring customers and the assets of area electric and natural gas utilities.

In 1949, KPL acquired The Gas Service Company and its one million natural gas customers in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

KPL merged with KG&E in 1992 to become Western Resources. It served 560,000 electric customers and 1.06 million natural gas customers in three states.

Meanwhile, in 1996, an agreement gave Tulsa-based ONEOK, ownership of Western Resources’ natural gas business. In return, Western Resources received approximately 45% ownership in ONEOK. In 2002, Western Resources shareholders approved changing the company’s name to Westar Energy.

Westar Energy’s wholly owned subsidiary, Westar Industries, completed the divestiture of its interest in Protection One Europe to ABN Amro Capital France in 2003. In the same year, Westar Energy and Midwest Energy, completed Midwest Energy’s acquisition of transmission and distribution assets and rights to provide service to customers in an area of central Kansas. In the same year, the company sold all its equity in ONEOK.

In 2004, Westar Energy, assigned its rights and obligations as the lender under Protection One’s senior credit facility to POI Acquisition and sold its approximately 87% equity interest in Protection One to POI Acquisition I, a wholly owned subsidiary of POI Acquisition. Also in the same year, the company closed the common stock offering of more than 12 million shares which yielded the company a net proceed of approximately $240.6 million.

Westar Energy in 2005, amicably reached a settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding allegations of irregular behaviour in energy trades made with the Cleo Corporation. The FERC found no evidence of any violations made by Westar or it’s staff and propose to take no further action upon the condition that Westar adhere to a three year plan to ensure full compliance with FERC regulations in the future.

Westar Energy entered into an agreement with the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission to provide energy management services in 2006. In the same year, the company completed the purchase of the Spring Creek power plant, a 300 megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant from ONEOK for $53 million.

Westar Energy completed the purchase of Aquila 8 percent leasehold interest in Jeffrey Energy Center for a base purchase price of $17.9 million and the assumption of obligations under an existing lease in April 2007. In the same month, the company entered into an agreement with the Arkansas/Missouri Energy Pool to provide energy management services.

Going further in April 2007, Westar Energy expanded its energy marketing relationship with Kelson Energy by renewing an existing agreement for the Redbud Energy and adding a new energy management agreement for the Dogwood Energy. In the following month, the company received approval from the Kansas Corporation Commission to build a new 345 kilovolt high capacity transmission line from northwest of Wichita, near its Gordon Evans Energy Center, to the Hutchinson area and then to the Summit Substation near Salina.

Westar Energy entered into an agreement with Kansas Electric Power Cooperative (KEPCo) in August 2007, under which KEPCo will continue to purchase a significant amount of its electricity requirements from Westar during the next 38 years. In the following month, the company adopted the Westar Energy Climate Change Policy, which provides the company framework within which to make decisions that affect the environment.

In January 2008, Westar Energy signed final agreements with developers to build three wind farms in Kansas totaling approximately 300 megawatts (MW). In May of the same year, Westar Energy and Electric Transmission America (ETA) together formed Prairie Wind Transmission, a joint venture company that plans to construct ultra-high capacity electric transmission facilities in Kansas.

Westar Energy Inc – Business Description

Westar is a Kansas-based electric utility and consumer services company. Primary business activities of the company include electricity generation, transmission, and distribution services to approximately 673,000 customers in Kansas.

Westar Energy has only one reportable segment, the Electric Utility. Electric Utility consists of the company’s integrated electric utility operations, including the generation, transmission and distribution of power to its retail customers in Kansas and to wholesale customers, as well as the company’s energy marketing activities.

The Electric Utility supplies electric energy at retail to approximately 364,000 customers in northeast Kansas, including the communities of Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Salina and Hutchinson.Westar Energy’s wholly owned subsidiary, Kansas Gas and Electric Company (KGE), supplies electric energy at retail to approximately 309,000 customers in south-central and southeastern Kansas, including the city of Wichita. KGE owns a 47% interest in the Wolf Creek Generating Station (Wolf Creek), a nuclear power plant located near Burlington, Kansas, and a 47% interest in Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation (WCNOC), the operating company for Wolf Creek.

The company classifies its retail customers as residential, commercial and industrial as defined in its tariffs. It also supplies electric energy at wholesale to the electric distribution systems of 45 Kansas cities and four rural electric cooperatives. Westar Energy has contracts for the sale, purchase or exchange of wholesale electricity with other utilities.

Westar uses natural gas as a primary fuel in its Gordon Evans, Murray Gill, Neosho, Abilene, and Hutchinson Energy Centers and in the gas turbine units at the Tecumseh generating station. Natural gas is also used as a supplemental fuel in the coal fired units at the Lawrence and Tecumseh generating stations. Natural gas for all facilities is purchased in the short term spot market, which supplies the system with a flexible natural gas supply necessary to meet operational needs. For Abilene and Hutchinson Energy Centers, the company maintains interruptible natural gas transportation with Kansas Gas Service.

Westar Energy Inc – Key Facts

Head Office

Westar Energy Inc

818 South Kansas Avenue


Kansas 66612



1 785 575 6300


1 785 575 6596

Web Address

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Westar Energy Inc – Company Overview

Westar Energy is an electric utility engaged in electricity generation, transmission and distribution services to approximately 673,000 customers in Kansas.The company primarily operates in the US. It is headquartered in Topeka, Kansas and employs 2,323 people.

The company recorded revenues of $1,726.8 million in the fiscal year ended December 2007, an increase of 7.5% over 2006. The company’s operating profit was $337.4 million in fiscal year 2007, an increase of 10% over 2006. Its net profit was $168.4 million in fiscal year 2007, an increase of 1.8% over 2006.