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Short Message Service: Twitter wants to take one billion U.S. dollars with IPO

It could be the most spectacular IPO of an Internet company since Facebook. Twitter to make the step onto the dance floor more than a billion dollars. Moreover, the company published its first financial results.

New York – A billion dollars does the short message service Twitter in its planned IPO taking. It said the company in a notification to the supervisory authority SEC . It would thus be the most prominent IPO of an Internet company since the IPO of Facebook in the past year . Twitter wants to list its shares under the symbol tWTR.

At the same time the eight-year-old company gave insight into its financial results. The turnover margin in the first half of 2013 at $ 253.6 million. The bottom line loss of $ 69.3 million fell to. What targeting investors, is the long reach: According prospectus Twitter has more than 215 million active users per month, 100 million used the service even daily, “and the approximate span the globe.” They all wrote about 500 million tweets per day.

An exact date for the IPO does not include the submission to the SEC. Is expected of November. First, Twitter has to convince investors on a so-called road show to invest in the company. The short message service was next to the Wall Street houses Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley,among others, the German bank committed to helping the step onto the dance floor.

Investors will now look at the figures exactly: While Twitter in 2010 had only 28 million in revenue in 2011 there were already 106 million and then 317 million last year. And Twitter continues to grow: in the first half of this year, the company has already made $ 254 million in sales.

However loses Twitter – unsurprisingly for experts – so far money. Alone in the first half of the loss was $ 69 million and the bottom line was almost one and a half times as high as in the previous year. Total collected in the years a decline of over 400 million dollars.

Main source of income of the company is advertising, interspersed in the news stream. Almost two-thirds of the ad revenue coming from mobile devices. However, is offset by high spending on data centers, new products and marketing.

The IPO is expected to create at least one new billionaire: co-founder Evan Williams is the largest shareholder with 12.0 percent. His partner Jack Dorsey, who is the last of the founding trio still active on Twitter, comes to 4.9 percent. The current chief Dick Costolo holds 1.6 percent of the shares.

Shutdown in the U.S.: The paralyzed States of America

How does it feel to be forced to leave? In Washington to meet victims of the shutdown, discuss their position – and table tennis. U.S. President Obama is attacking the Tea Party. And the Republicans fail with new proposals.

Back and forth. John Boehner makes ping pong makes Harry Reid, John Boehner ping pong Harry Reid. Back and forth the little flying ball And it laugh out loud the two players at the table tennis, their bats bearing the faces of the top Republican Boehner and the top Democrat Reid. Ping pong. On the sofa already the next policy to a game of table tennis wait in the Jewish community center in Washington, just around the corner from the U.S. Congress.

It’s early afternoon, and they really should not be here. They are young and aspiring who have just started their careers in the ministries and authorities.Usually they sit late into the night in their offices.Normally.

Grand Canyon – Yosemite – Everything tight.

But since Tuesday morning, one minute after midnight, everything is different.America’s government is at a standstill: Government shutdown because Congress could not agree . Over hours, the House and Senate, Boehner and Reid, the budget proposals were pushed back and forth.Political ping-pong up.Without agreement. And so far even without winning.

Now the museums are closed, shut down the Twitter account of the Parliament, does not occupy the passport offices and more than 50 U.S. national parks close : No chance to Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park or the Statue of Liberty.Tourists who are already in, have two days to leave the park. Before the monuments in the capital are the visitors. And shake their heads. Even the toilets are locked.

That sounds ulkiger than it is. About 800,000 state employees have been sent to forced leave, even in the supposedly capitalist U.S. government is the largest employer.

Natalie Rosenfelt normally works in the Ministry of Justice, but now looks to the ping-pong game. Because the community center has agreed to “Shutdown center” to bring together those concerned. The political series “West Wing” is shown on the big screen – of course that result from the fifth season, in which it comes to the government shutdown – and the food is on the house. “It’s a strange feeling,” says Rosenfelt, “you’re insecure because you do not work, and you do not know if you’ll get paid later.” You just hope that the shutdown would last not so long. The last time, in the mid nineties, it was then but 21 days.

Most people here do not want to see their name published in the media.Because they are disappointed in their state: “We think we’re the greatest country in the world,” says one, “and then something like that.”Presently all was still somehow amusing, they say – you have a few days off, makes jokes at the expense of either Republicans or the president, and the capital serves a fast-food chain to state officials on presentation of free burgers. But what if the number goes on for weeks? How are they supposed to pay their bills, their rent? People are afraid. Experts have calculated that a three-to four-week shutdown would cost the U.S. economy about $ 55 billion – equivalent to about the annual editions of the Free State of Bavaria.

Most severely hit are the capital: It is under federal jurisdiction, live here, most state employees. Alone in the Washington metropolitan area, the losses could amount to 200 million dollars per day, citing the “Washington Post” an economic expert. And snappy put the newspaper notes: “The capital of the free world – closed until further notice.”Outside, in front of Congress to protest a few federal officials on Tuesday, their message to MPs: “Do your job, so we can do ours.”

ideological crusade “

In the morning they would get mail that is now closing, telling two colleagues. They had not yet received the instruction to change their answering machine saying, since they may not touch their phone service.Who is to blame? Congress, they say. And if you nachhakt: Well, the Republicans.

This is consistent with the opinion polls. 72 percent of Americans oppose, according to a Quinnipiac survey, the strategy of the Conservatives, the continued funding of the government to end the health care reform of the U.S. president (“Obamacare”) to socialize. And 57 percent are not satisfied with the work of the Republicans in Congress.

Barack Obama tried his hand on Tuesday to beat that score. A group within the Republican Party – he played on the radical Tea Party movement – waging a “ideological crusade” against the reform and therefore have paralyzed the government. But he would not negotiate on Obamacare, reform would “continue to exist”. The government shutdown, the President called now the “republican shutdown.” Obama continues to attack , already for next Thursday’s speech is scheduled in this matter.

And the Republicans? They struggled on Tuesday to show activity. The reasoning behind this: Now, if they are held responsible for the shutdown, then they should not give the impression of inaction and indifference, at least. Although the party leadership still prevents the radical Tea Party minority in their ranks, but tried on Tuesday evening in the House of Representatives to adopt specific measures for the improvement of their image. Such as the national parks should be excluded from the government shutdown and ensure timely payments to the military veterans. There would have a two-thirds majority, which needed the votes of Democrats. The refused.And Obama could announce such a “piece-by-piece approach” was not serious.

The longer now, the government is paralyzed, the more complicated the situation. As early as 17 October ends the next period. And that is far more threatening: Deny the Republicans in Parliament, the United States could not accept any more debt more.Making it the largest economy in the world would be insolvent.

A nightmare scenario, not only for America.

Requirement of economists: Wealthy should pay more for euro bailout

An ECB study foments the dispute over the distribution of wealth in Europe. Leading economists now call SPIEGEL: Rich should be more involved in saving the euro. Doing so could save the average German citizen Greek super rich from higher taxes in the end.

Leading economists are convinced that the euro-crisis countries must make a greater contribution to the renovation of its public finances. Especially wealthy should be asked to pay more, said the economy Peter Bofinger SPIEGEL. The economist advised the governments of southern Europe to a capital levy. "The rich must be within ten years, for example, a portion of its assets leave. "

Bofinger is convinced that a capital levy is significantly better than the participation of savers – as happened recently in the rescue of Cyprus: "Resourceful kingdoms of southern Europe but make their money to the banks in Northern Europe and beyond so that the access."

Background of the claim is the wealth report of the European Central Bank (ECB), which was published last week. Thus, the households in the euro-crisis countries on average have considerably more power than the Germans.

The results of the study confirm the opinion of economic experts Lars field the course of the federal government: "It shows that Germany, with its harsh conditions for euro-bailout money is right." Finally, the over-indebted countries receive billions from the bailout fund only relevant consideration. "If there is no longer the tax laws only on paper, even Greece can dispel doubts on the sustainability of its debt," said Field.

Guntram Wolff of the Brussels economists enter the data not only an answer to the question of who should pay the crisis in Southern Europe account: "It is clear once again how unfair the assets are distributed in Germany." Therefore, the German crisis costs should be borne by the wealthy. "The euro rescue would be completely reduced to absurdity, if preserved the Greek super-rich from higher taxes at the end of the comparatively low average German household."

Export boom: German coal power flooded Europe

The German electricity industry has increased its exports considerably. In the first quarter, the exported quantity of information has doubled manager magazine online. Coal-fired power plants are experiencing a real boom – at the expense of relatively cleaner gas power plants.

Hamburg – The German electricity producers flood neighboring countries with ever growing quantities of cheap electricity. In the first quarter of the year, it resulted in a net of about 16 terawatt-hours, such as from calculations of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) shows the present manager magazine online. They are based on data from the Association of European network operators ENTSO-E. In the previous year the amount had amounted to about eight terawatt-hours, according to ISE.

The amount to March this year running from January is about the production of six large power plants that run continuously. For the full year 2012, the export surplus amounted to almost 23 terawatt hours, marking a time record, which is now already in range.

Main reason for the recent increase in exports is the low market price of electricity in Germany. He is just over 40 euros per megawatt hour and resulted from an oversupply of current through the last rapid expansion of renewable energies. In addition, the price of emission allowances in the basement – benefiting the relatively polluting coal power plants.

Coal-fired electricity production grows by a quarter

And so the export increase is apparently solely on the account of additional quantities of coal power. Coal-fired power plants increased their emissions by about 23 percent, as calculations of manager magazine online were based on the ISE figures. Brown coal rose by about 8 percent, while all other fuels produced less than last year, including wind, solar and hydro power.

Dramatic is the situation in gas-fired power plants. Their production fell despite the cold winter by about 16 percent. Utilities such as E.ON had recently reinforced threatened to take gas from power plants, because their economical operation is not currently possible. The German Association of Energy and Water, the situation “with concern” as a spokesperson told Manager Magazine online announced.

According to the BDEW German power plant operators had surplus electricity exported last year, especially in the Netherlands, which therefore reduced their relatively clean gas power plants .

Due to the new figures, the hope of the Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) could smash that the growth in German output of carbon dioxide in the past year has been a one-time setback for the German energy transition.

“This is an outlier in a previously positive development,” Altmaier said.They should “not become a trend.” In 2012, electricity production from coal was increased by 3.4 percent, from brown coal had risen by 5.1 percent.

Kiev Europe Should Threaten To Cancel EM

So now even bombings: The crisis between Europe and Ukraine has just become even more complicated. More and more, the discomfort in the democratic part of Europe on the European football championship in a country that has made a former prime minister to political prisoners and their health problems in a way bypasses that can only be described by torture.

So far, no one knows who put the bombs in Dnepropetrovsk, the birthplace of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Was it a radical faction of the opposition, which wants to demonstrate to the government shortly before the European Championship in early June, about which print resources are available? Was it the government itself, which wants to bring the opposition to a "strategy of tension" in disrepute? Or has a hand in the Mafia?

One thing is clear: President Viktor Yanukovych is playing a nasty game and Tymoshenko used as leverage against Europe. "When you sign the Asoziationsabkommen, then we leave Tymoshenko," Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroschowskij has recently told European journalists in Brussels said. Clearly can not be said that the former Prime Minister is just a pawn.

The EU is in an uncomfortable position. On the one hand, they can not simply close our eyes to the violations of human rights in Ukraine, which show that the country is still far from ripe for an Association Agreement. On the other hand, wants to slam the door not to Kiev not to drive into the arms of Russia, which is likely to stifle democratic aspirations in the long term.

In a similar predicament is to UEFA. The would like to keep out of politics and keep the football championship as planned. On the other hand, is a festival of football in a country of torture is not a good advertisement – not for sport, nor for its sponsors.

At most one may have sympathy with the Poles, as the star pupil of the East European Democracy Now through no fault or less in joint liability.

If the EU did not have breakfast as a director of foreign minister, but someone with perseverance, then this should now forge an alliance between sport and politics against the autocrats in Kiev.Because unlike in international organizations there are in the UEFA a clear preponderance of democratic states. There could be a little gentle persuasion with a majority, organize the Yanukovych introduces the alternative: either EM or Tymoshenko. Using Germany as an alternative venue if Kiev does not come around. One would not even just moral and political argument, but could also cite safety concerns, if Yanukovych maintains its hard line against the opposition.

It is hard to believe that Yanukovych would risk the European Championship on home soil. So it is very unwahrscheilich that Europe and UEFA would have to actually make the true threat. With a turn-Yanukovich but all would benefit. Athletes, officials and fans could enjoy the Euro, the EU would have the extortion attempt in terms of association agreements is not bent and Tymoshenko could be treated abroad.

But as it currently looks like Europe can drive the matter further. Until the end, denatured all the pleasure in this festival of football is.

One wonders why in festive speeches always the unity of Europe is invoked with the argument, otherwise you would get foreign policy, not enough weight on the scales. If it then becomes serious, however, it provides the EU does not even put an underdeveloped country like Ukraine to sufficient pressure. Where is the self-respect of this continent’s democratically gone?