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Wyeth – Bernard Poussot


Board: Executive Board
Job Title: Vice Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer
Since: 2007
Mr. Poussot is the Vice Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Wyeth. Previously, he was President and Vice Chairman of the company. Mr. Poussot joined Wyeth in 1986 as General Manager France and successively became Head of Europe in 1991, Executive Vice President in 1993, and President in 1996 of Wyeth International. In 1997, he became President of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. R&D was added to his responsibilities in 2002.
He has been an Officer of the company since 1996 and had been elected Executive Vice President in 2002. Prior to Wyeth, Mr. Poussot was with Merck and Searle in Europe and the US.
Mr. Poussot serves on the Boards of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, the Eisenhower Fellowships, the French American Chamber of Commerce and the Opera Company of Philadelphia.