Weyerhaeuser Company – Major Products and Services

Weyerhaeuser is an integrated forest products company, engaged in the growing and harvesting of timber; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products; and real estate construction, development and related activities. The company’s key products and services include the following:


  • Logs
  • Chips
  • Timber


  • Business papers
  • Newsprint
  • Printing, publishing and converting papers

Wood products:

  • Composite panels
  • Engineered lumber
  • Hardwood lumber
  • Oriented strand board
  • Plywood Poles and piling
  • Softwood lumber
  • Structure wood Veneers

Cellulose fibers:

  • Absorbent fibers
  • Paper grade fibers
  • Specialty fibers
  • Liquid packaging board


  • Container board
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Kraft paper bags

Real estate operations:

  • Development of residential houses
  • Development of master-planned communities

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