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Business Description of Windstream Corporation


Windstream Corporation is engaged in providing telecommunications services such as phone, broadband and digital television (TV) services. The company primarily operates through subsidiaries offering local, long distance, network access, video services and broadband and data services in 16 states of the US.
The company primarily operates through three segments which include: wireline operations, product distribution and other operations.
Under the wireline operations segment the company offers retail and wholesale telecommunications services, including local, long distance, broadband, and network access.The company’s local service operations provide lines from telephone exchange offices to customer premises for the origination and termination of telecommunications services including dial-tone service and dedicated private line facilities for the transport of data. The company also offers various enhanced service features including call waiting, call forwarding, caller identification, three-way calling, no-answer transfer and voice-mail.
The segment provides cable television services, internet services, and the also long distance telecommunications services through its subsidiaries in all the states of the US.
The company operates its product distribution segment through a subsidiary Windstream Supply which offers telecommunications equipment and logistics services to affiliates, contractors and non-affiliated customer. The non-affiliated customers includes other local exchange carriers and communications providers, voice and data resellers, colleges and universities, governments, retail and industrial companies.
Windstream Supply operates with four warehouses and four counter-sales showrooms across the US and offers a range f products used to support voice, high-speed data and video applications. Some of these products are inventoried including switch modules, wired and wireless voice and data transport equipment, outside plant products and pole-line hardware, broadband modems, in-building wiring and jacks, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems and local area networking products.
Additionally Windstream Supply offers other services such as expert technical assistance, product configuration, specialized logistics services and a web tool used by customers to place orders and track order status.
The other operations segment consists of directory publishing and telecommunications information services.The company’s directory publishing subsidiary coordinates advertising, sales, printing, and distribution for telephone directory contracts in 35 states of the US.