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ACI adds Open Account Manager to its Global Trade suite
04 Oct 2007

Global Trade Manager can be implemented in a hub and spoke model to service branches and customers globally. Branch personnel can request financing on-line on behalf of bank customers, or customers can request financing themselves through the bank’s trade front end. Document images can be uploaded to Global Trade Manager’s regional image hub which automates the routing and workflow associated with the full range of trade transactions. Banks can also electronically image and warehouse all trade documents.

Global Trade Manager supports the full range of traditional trade products such as letters of credit and collections and guarantees, integrated into ACI’s online banking solution Enterprise Banker. In combination with Open Account Manager, it provides the full range of financing needed by today’s corporate clients. Open Account Manager is able to fully support end-to-end processing for open accounts with messaging through SWIFTNet TSU.

The Bank of New York Mellon adopts ACI payments hub
03 Oct 2007

The bank is leveraging the ACI money transfer system for SWIFT, The clearing house interbank payments system (CHIPS) processing and as an interface to the US Federal Reserve Bank Fedwire system. Future phases will interface to additional central banking systems, messaging systems, net settlement systems and clearing houses, such as Fed Book Entry Securities and Telex. In addition, the bank is leveraging the scalability of ACI solution to centrally manage large-scale liquidity transactions and enhance monitoring capabilities.

The ACI Global Payments Hub provides a consolidated, enterprise payments solution for internal and external financial message switching. The solution is a gateway to various financial networks such as SWIFT, telex, and a number of real time gross settlement (RTGS) systems. By replacing several messaging gateways with a single message hub, the bank will achieve greater efficiencies and consistency across all operations and products.

ACI and IBM team up to support core payment systems
12 Sep 2007

Base24-eps was the subject of an IBM Redbook in 2006, providing detailed information about how the software is deployed on IBM’s z/OS platform. IBM has now published a supporting Redpaper that details the considerations to be taken into account by customers as they plan for when and how to undertake a migration to Base24-eps as their engine for consumer payments processing.

The combination of Base24-eps on IBM system z offers a secure and powerful high-availability solution for supporting business growth while taking advantage of modern software architectures and the reliability and stability of IBM’s hardware and software platform. In addition, Base24-eps complements ACI payments manager on system z to automate back office functions and leverage IBM’s virtualization strategy to lower operating cost.

ACI Worldwide launches fraud reduction calculator for banks
21 Aug 2007

The new solution enables organizations to determine the scope for improved performance by detecting the improvement in the percentage of fraud recorded.

Derren Jones, director of fraud and risk management at ACI, said: “Existing solutions often ignore the most important metric of the model, the point of detection. By ignoring this measure, people can get a seriously misleading indication of actual performance. If the point of detection is lowered, fraud will be found earlier, which results in lower losses. Ultimately, the best way to measure the success is to have a balance of three elements: point of detection, false positive rates and finally the detection rate.”

ACI Worldwide to modernize Partecis payments platform
06 Jun 2007

The deployment will facilitate and secure payment transactions across the Partecis platform. Partecis (Partnership for European Card Information System) is the unified transaction and payment platform jointly developed and owned by BNP Paribas and Natixis Paiements.

Partecis has been established specifically to support international transactions as a uniform, multilingual, multi-format payment offering to support retail and corporate clients of both banks across Europe, and will be particularly suited for Sepa. Sepa is a European initiative to create an environment where all electronic payments are considered domestic, and where a difference between national and international payments does not exist, thus improving the efficiency of cross border payments.

BASE24-eps is an integrated software solution designed to acquire, authenticate, route, switch and authorize payments across multiple channels. It can also support new transaction methods such as mobile commerce and internet banking, in addition to traditional payment transactions such as debit and credit at the ATM and point of sale, branch banking and telephone banking.

Steve Wright, president of ACI Worldwide EMEA, said: “This milestone demonstrates ACI’s commitment to the French market with an offering that helps banks and retailers to authorize and authenticate large transaction volumes across the entire range of payment methods.”

ACI to launch EMEA-specific online banking software
17 Apr 2007

ACI Enterprise Banker is already in use in the Americas and in Asia Pacific. The software enables financial institutions to offer corporate and retail customers a range of cash management services, as well as providing support for custodial and trade services.

The cash management services provided by Enterprise Banker will offer in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, domestic and international payments initiation, SEPA credit transfer and SEPA direct debit payments initiation, intra-company transfers, and balance and transaction reporting.

Enterprise Banker provides direct support for SEPA payments and enables end-to-end straight-through processing by linking directly to a bank’s payment hub.

“ACI Enterprise Banker is a new version of an existing online banking solution designed specifically to meet the needs of our EMEA customers,” commented Steve Wright, president of ACI Worldwide EMEA. “This proven online banking solution combined with our knowledge, support and expertise in this field means that banks will be able to provide customers with a comprehensive cash management offering.”

Descartes extends cross-border compliance service
16 Feb 2007

On January 12, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced a revised Advance Commercial Information (ACI) e-Manifest initiative, which mandates that CBSA receives advance electronic notification of cargo shipments arriving in Canada by highway. Descartes has extended its Global Logistics Network Compliance Service to help the international carrier community comply with this e-Manifest initiative.

Descartes’ Global Logistics Network Compliance Service was initially created to help marine and air carriers file electronic manifests to comply with US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) e-Manifest initiative for cargo entering the US from Canada and Mexico.

The service evolved to help customers meet the regulatory requirements established by CBSA for air and marine shipments into Canada from points worldwide. The service was recently extended to address the US ACE e-manifest initiative covering ground transportation. Now, Descartes is extending the service to address the ACI initiative for vehicles entering Canada.