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A strike at Lufthansa seems scarcely avoidable


Abfertigungsfeld_Lufthansa FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The impending strike at the Lufthansa seems scarcely avoidable. Although insured, both sides repeated at the weekend readiness to talk, but concrete Results were not forthcoming. "We are open for discussion without Preconditions. (Photo: Lufthansa)

If the VC also waive prerequisites and their list of demands is not unachievable, and unlawful basis allows for longer talk and withdraws, it could be a Effected quickly agreed, "said Lufthansa spokesman Klaus Walther Group on Sunday. Lufthansa criticism that the trade union a German expansion abroad require collective bargaining. This demand would be impossible and legally inadmissible.
The union was on Sunday for an opinion on the renewed offer of talks of Deutsche Lufthansa AG is initially not to achieve. A similarly denominated offer on Saturday but they had rejected. She could not give up their list of demands, since this pre-existing agreements with Lufthansa in question were made, had the union announced on Saturday.
Lufthansa spokesman Walther called on Sunday Allegations that the bodies would be more favorable Lufthansa Airlines shift, as "pure fiction". The opposite was the case. "The Alliance strategy and the integration of foreign companies have new customers tied to Lufthansa and thus 20% more jobs in the cockpit of the Lufthansa Passenger created. Therefore, there is no Plans to relocate jobs abroad, "said Walther.
Lufthansa was ready by the end of 2012, a Give job guarantee, "said Lufthansa Chief Human Resources Officer Stefan Lauer of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. The guarantee could be extended until 2013 or 2014th "The prerequisite is that we come back to the table. "
The union has for Monday through Thursday, the pilots by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings called a strike. Should not be found but last-minute agreement, would be with Lufthansa from Monday to Thursday, approximately two thirds of flights canceled.

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