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Ackermann fueling speculation about successor


Ackermann: "Seit Monaten intensiv im Gespräch darüber". Quelle: Reuters

Ackermann: "For months in intense conversation about it." Source: Reuters

FRANKFURT. AGM German Bank, Frankfurt exhibition hall, large hall, 16 clock: Josef Ackermann makes a joke.

He likes to also want the questions, "answered the young gentlemen lawyers," he says after six hours of continuous debate. After detailed questions resourceful lawyers who understand the stage of the Deutsche Bank seminar rather than rhetoric than as a shareholder meeting. After administrative report and after three and a question and answer session before the next 33 questioners who have already registered.

Ackermann’s graying hair is seated as in the morning and like the blue tie. He speaks calmly, focused, clear. He openly smiling. No doubt – Ackermann is a marathon runner. For eight years he is at the head of Germany’s largest bank. Often challenged. But so far irreplaceable.

Officially, the man wants, made the case of television shows in which he appears alone, higher ratings than the Chancellor to stay in power until 2013. In fact, the shareholders at the AGM to ask how long he remains real. Is it the great weakness of the industry giants to clarify the question of succession can not?

A year Ackermann had introduced into this discussion alone. One year he has managed to suffocate any debate over his replacement in the bud. His contract ran for a long time, all the speculation, as it goes, were premature, his standard answer to even the nagging demand. At the meeting, he breaks with the language rules for the first time: Supervisory Board Chairman Clemens Borsig "and I have been a few months in intense conversation about it," says Ackermann.

He has opened so a barrel. The discussion about the "what comes after me," as he says himself, should now again part of the standard question to Ackermann. Stick the German bank in the phase of the Gods?

About a year ago, there has been this situation before. At that time, had Börsig after a long fruitless search for an Ackermann-heirs themselves put into play – and had failed. The supervisory board had been obliged in the 2009 Annual General Meeting to issue a declaration of trust for Börsig.

Since then, there was something of truce between Ackermann and Börsig. Who are the two addresses to harvest silence, or, if the situation is not quite so formally, the existence of aging on the relationship between spouses. Since you have a crash just once, but basically refers to himself as well as with anyone else.

And now, well get rid of it?

20 minutes after his statement at the general meeting shall Ackermann on the podium a message. He opens the note. The news that he decides to search for a successor to spread, is already a flash on the information is, since. Ackermann responded immediately.

He recognizes the dimension of his words and tries to catch them: "My contract runs until 2013, he falls into the old language. "Transition periods to be short." That is why he used to go, he did not say he stressed. The Marthonläufer has no intention of giving up before the finish.

Despite the pursuit, it remains a declaration of the General Assembly. Seats, the successor to the podium today? Is it the young chief financial officer Stefan Krause, who is sitting to the left of Ackermann and often suggested on this day has with the boss? Is it the Senior Hermann-Josef Lamberti? The issue is one of the outstanding issues. At the next meeting there should be more to it.