Home News Aktien Zürich held up well for the start index – AWP

Aktien Zürich held up well for the start index – AWP


ZURICH (Dow Jones) – The Swiss Exchange is expected under pre-trade indications on Monday claimed in the year 2010 launch. The defaults are rather moderate, because of the charges before the New Year, but some had already been anticipated, "says a Dealer. The pre-IPO Clariden Leu SMI is calculated just 0.2% higher at 6556 points, as the news agency AWP reported.

Looking after the last positive trend in equity markets Stockbrokers good prospects for a continuation in the first weeks of Year. In the afternoon, U.S. economic data are likely impetus . provide

In the eyes of investors Nestle (+0.2%) and Novartis (stand +0.1%). Novartis exercises its option to purchase the yet to Nestle held 52% stake in Alcon from offering for the remaining Alcon shares. The cost of Vollübernahme amount to slightly 50 billion USD. After the proposed merger Alcon, CIBA Vision and will Some ophthalmic pharmaceuticals at Novartis, a new division form of Ophthalmology.

Roche (+0.3%) has with the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) a petition an authorization extension for "Xeloda" submitted. The label extension concerns the treatment of patients with Early colon cancer after surgery in Combination with oxaliplatin as adjuvant chemotherapy, they say. As it became known Evolva has an agreement with Roche regarding research collaboration signed.

Banks UBS, CS and Julius Baer each submit to just under 0.2%. In a similar magnitude, the more expensive Insurance, Swiss Life, Swiss Re and ZFS.