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All eyes on Bernanke


Fed-Chef Bernanke und die Daten der US-Einzelhändler werden in der
 kommenden Woche die US-Anleger bewegen. Quelle: ap

Fed Chairman Bernanke and the data from the U.S. retailer will be next week in the U.S. encourage investors. Source: AP

HB NEW YORK. After the surprising Raising the discount rate by the Federal Reserve (Fed) on Thursday evening, the market players are eagerly awaiting with interest the speech, Bernanke before Congress. "We are looking for more clarity on what path they are located, the Fed," said John Praveen from Prudential International Investments Advisers LLC. Lookout was being held primarily for clues to the future course of the exit strategy of the Federal Reserve.

The Fed had said after the decision, interest rates over a longer period not to want to touch them. After initial concerns that investors had interpreted the increase in the discount rate from 0.5 to 0.75 percent as a sign of the strength of the financial system. Doubts still remain: "Is the decision of the confidence in the stability of markets and economic recovery again, you turn the Fed worries about inflation and, therefore, raises the interest rates?" Praveen took the uncertainty of the market players together. Bernanke will appear on Wednesday before a committee of the House of Representatives on Thursday before a Senate committee.

In addition, quarterly figures are available from retailers such as Home Depot, Target Corp. and Macy’s at.

Important sentiment indicators

In addition, new orders for durable goods has been estimated to be Commerzbank to show whether the most recently continued to be observed upturn in investment beginning of the year. The U.S. is passed through an almost classic cyclical pattern. The change in inventory was in full swing, the companies built their stock in less and less and they may soon fill up again.

In accordance with increased orders and industrial production, capacity utilization recovering urge companies to additional investment, according to the study of the bank. The upcoming job now appear to show that these developments are continued in early 2010.

Even from the perspective of Postbank, the signs are favorable for a sustained upward trend in U.S. orders for durable goods. The bank expects to January with an increase of 1.5 percent compared to the previous month. The transport equipment division of aircraft orders may have been supported. But even without the notoriously volatile transportation goods had expected a rise of one percent. The latest surveys of purchasing managers in manufacturing industry, suggested an initially very positive order trend.

From the United States could be from the perspective of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba), the second estimate of economic growth to ensure a positive mood. This one already considerable upward revision of quarterly growth for the fourth quarter of 2009 was possible.

In the opinion of the bank HSBC Trinkaus should have continued in the real estate recovery in recent months, both in terms of house prices as well as in sales of existing and new homes.

Despite the continuing concerns about the fiscal problems of some euro-zone countries such as Greece, the optimism on Wall Street could therefore continue in the coming week. The good mood is also encouraged by the recent course of the reporting season. So, of the 422 in the S & P 500 Index are listed companies that have been presented statistics, 72 percent exceeded the expectations of analysts, while only 18 percent were below the forecasts of the experts. Ten percent of the company laid before the results within expectations.

On Friday the Dow closed Jones index 0.1 percent of the default values in the black at 10 402 points. The broader S & P 500 put up by 0.2 percent to 1109 points. The index of technology exchange Nasdaq gained 0.1 percent to 2243 points. Total week for the results, an increase of three percent for the Dow, 3.1 percent for the S & P and 2.8 percent for the NasdaqIndex.