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" All Jews share a particular gene "


In der Kritik: Bundesbankvorstand Sarrazin wird in der Öffentlichkeit hart angegangen. Quelle: ap

In the criticism : Bundesbank board Sarrazin is in the public tackled hard. Source: AP

HB BERLIN. Because of his non – theses sharply criticized the Bundesbank board Thilo Sarrazin , acting in accordance with new comments on Muslims. creates Immediately prior to the presentation of his book "Germany away , "he told the Welt am Sonntag ", Muslims would be integrated throughout lower in Europe than other groups of immigrants. This becomes particularly clear when we compare the integration successes of Indians and Pakistanis in Britain. The reasons lie obviously in the culture of Islam. At the same time , the SPD member defended against criticism even from his own party and refused an exit .

In the famous book excerpts that appear on Monday, condemning the 65 -year-old central banker , the immigration policy in Germany and warned of foreign infiltration . "I do not want the land of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren is largely Muslim , " it says . In addition, he writes, " a long tradition of incest " meant that the proportion of congenital disabilities among Turkish and Kurdish migrants was far above average.

Sarrazin noted in the " Welt am Sonntag " on the growing importance of immigration and spoke of the " gene pool "of the European population. "The cultural identity of nations is not a legend, but determines the reality of Europe, " said the banker. " All Jews share a particular gene , Basques have certain genes that distinguish them from others. "

A withdrawal from the SPD rejected the former Berlin Finance Senator categorically . When asked why he would remain in the party, he told the Welt am Sonntag " , his proposals were social democratic . When he was designing a poverty reduction scenario, which should enable the unemployed to enter the workplace and social advancement. "It’s very social-democratic , "said Sarrazin .

Leading SPD representatives had asked the Bundesbank to resign from their party. The chairman of Sarrazin Kreisverband Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf , Christian Gaebler said , the " Spiegel " : " The cup is full . In the event that Mr. Sarrazin not voluntary exit from the SPD, we are preparing a party exclusion proceedings. "

Hesse ‘s outgoing Prime Minister Roland Koch stood behind Sarrazin . The CDU politician warned the " defacto -summer interview " of the Hessischer Rundfunk (hr ) before to ignore the issue of immigrants. After all, a lot of life experience put in the reports Sarrazin . "I do not believe that is what he says , pushed into such customary policy reflexes: It can not talk ! That’s taboo , " said Koch.

However, Koch called the theses of the Bundesbank board member Sarrazin "a very backward-looking, pessimistic description of the states , without actually take a serious look at the options and opportunities for the solution . "

Several politicians had urged the federal government and the Bundesbank, to draw conclusions. The Bundesbank has described the book as a personal expression Sarrazin . can only dismiss him President Christian Wulff at the request of the Bundesbank board. The would take such a step with "serious misconduct justified . This scenario , however, is currently unlikely. Already last year, the Bundesbank board member Sarrazin following controversial remarks about immigrants the skills had been circumcised. He has since been responsible only for the risk -controlling and information technology .

The Turkish community in Germany called for a clear signal of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Lower Social Aygül Özkan (CDU ) has accused Sarrazin, hurting migrants with his controversial theories and to discredit a flat rate. The Integration of the Federal Government , Maria Böhmer ( CDU), made serious allegations against the former Berlin Senator for Finance .

With the publication of his book Sarrazin had exceeded all limits. "This is the crowning of a new intellectual racism and the harm Germany ‘s image abroad , "said Kenan Kolat , head of the Turkish community , the " Frankfurter Rundschau " (Saturday). " I call on the Federal Government to initiate a process for the deposition of Thilo Sarrazin as Bundesbank board member . "

The CDU politician Özkan said : "I hope that Mr. Sarrazin would recognize finally more of what the immigrants to our country and the economic recovery have done. "In the Bild am Sonntag newspaper , criticized the first Turkish and Muslim minister in Germany "There is infinitely more hard-working immigrants – they deserve respect, not malice . "

The Integration Böhmer accused the SPD member Sarrazin, in his book to say always only half the truth. " Sarrazin draws controversy with his flat , a caricature of integration in Germany, which does not withstand any serious scientific investigation, " she told the Bild am Sonntag " .