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Ambitious prices scare collectors


LONDON. The ambitious price expectations of the collector, who had once bought at auction " flat out "are not authorized. That the auction was by no means a flop: A moderate evaluated lots of "high noble and refined " tender were classified in a room full of collectors and dealers a good reception. As Topstück to let the London dealer Sam Fogg for the Charles V, translated and with instructive vignettes illuminated " De rerum proprietatibus slam " of Bartholomew Anglicus for 1.1 million pounds – in 1998 it had cost 463 500 pounds. The 1470 Peter Schoeffer printed in Mainz , and adorned with decorative scrolls and initials " Epistolae " Jerome went for 937 250 pounds on the lower estimate to the phone. The full-page gouache with eight grand for the French Queen Anne de Bretagne , illustrated Ovid ‘s poetry remained with 601 250 pounds in the lower range estimate .

37 of 45 lots were auctioned for 8.2 million pounds – Christie’s estimate was 12 to 16 million pounds. Disdained were inter alia John Zainer 1473 printed "Ulmer Boccaccio " (up to 350 000 pounds ) and the scheduled 2.5 to 3.5 million pounds of "Abbey Bible " – which shopped the collector 1989 in the Major Abbey auction for four times the estimate and the now the purchase should quadruple again. Even the Hours of Elizabeth de Bohun, the dealer Bernard Quaritch in 1988 approved the record price of $ 2,700,000 was, with 2-3 million pounds now too high.