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Arbitration Stuttgart 21 is on the brink


HB STUTTGART. The Stuttgart-21-mediation of the former CDU general secretary Heiner Geissler after the confusion surrounding a building freeze in the balance. The Coalition of the project opponents will not take place at the round table, if the rest works not how it Geissler had originally announced. "We demand an immediate stop construction and contracting," said the spokesman of the "park guards," Matthias von Herrmann, the news agency dpa on Friday in Stuttgart. This Prime Minister Stefan Mappus (CDU) is not ready. His spokesman, but said: "The Prime Minister will do everything to ensure that the dialogue is now underway." However, are the Greens and the Coalition of the opponents do not agree on what comprises a building freeze.

The Federal Green Party politician Winfried Hermann, criticized move Mappus’ offer, the tree felling and the demolition of the south wing of the main station, is not sufficient. The excavator would have to rest. Mappus and railway chief Ruediger Grube would also have to move away from discussions like this that the rail project would be implemented in any case. "If not come down to it, can not convey Heiner Geissler," said Hermann.

Mappus holds the mediation, despite the confusing statements Geissler not to have failed. "The atmosphere is naturally heated and quite hectic. This makes the parties, of course not easy," he told the Bild newspaper. "All the more important now is that as soon as possible peace comes in the talks." He added: "There may be a mediator such as Heiner Geissler help very much."

On Thursday evening was the announcement of the arbitrator Mappus Geissler denied that the construction work is set on the billion-dollar project for now. "There is no construction freeze," said undersecretary. Geissler had said recently that construction work would be stopped during the mediation by the end of the year. Railway chief Ruediger Grube and Mappus had agreed this. But mine has denied the concession.

Because of the turmoil around the railway project postponed Mappus his long-planned trip to Saudi Arabia and Qatar for a day. After his return, it will then Geissler According end of next week witnessed the first arbitration hearing of the counterparty.

The Greens and the Alliance for Action, there are different views, which includes a building freeze. "I go to the talks if arises from the recent sham of the prime minister a clear definition for the suspension of construction," said transport expert for the Greens in parliament, Werner Woelfle. "They are on the train." Mappus’ offer of a building Topps is specious, since the demolition of the south wing and the other cases of trees in the near future were not planned anyway, and Hermann said Woelfle.

For Woelfle and Hermann is to stop the building to suspend work for groundwater regulation. By contrast, the Green party leader Winfried Kretschmann imagine can continue this work. Woelfle turn holds it possible that the track field work will continue.

The "parking pads" are convinced that the vast majority of project opponents in the city to continue the work on groundwater management and track field would not accept. The spokesman Fritz Mielert demanded in the AP interview, a "pause for any work from the first day of the trial to the last." SPD state leader Nils Schmid called for an immediate stop to construction and procurement of a binding referendum on the project.

Stuttgart 21 provides for the reconstruction of the head station in an underground transit station and its connection to the planned new ICE route to Ulm. The project will cost, according to web 4.1 billion. Add to that the new rapid transit route to Ulm, which will hit 2.9 billion euros. Critics expect much higher costs.