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Areva and Siemens get closer and


Areva-Chefin Anne Lauvergeon: Weiter sehr freundschaftliche 
Beziehungen zu Siemens. Quelle: Reuters

Areva chief Anne Lauvergeon: Continue very friendly relationship with Siemens. Source: Reuters

PARIS. "We expect the decision of the arbitration on the value of the participation of Siemens in the first half," said Areva chief Anne Lauvergeon on Thursday, when presenting the annual results. Thereafter, the negotiations should move forward expeditiously.

"Our relationship with Siemens on are very friendly," said Lauvergeon on the edge of the press conference to Handelsblatt. Both companies have entered into such an agreement to work with regulatory elements for nuclear power plants continue together.

Siemens has a 34 percent shareholder in power plant construction subsidiary Areva NP. The end of 2008 had made the Munich technology company of its right to tender the shares Areva again. Siemens intends to develop in the future with the Russian Rosatom nuclear power plants and sell. Areva and Siemens are now arguing about how much you must pay the French to Munich.

Not only because of this separation is Areva-Siemens boss Lauvergeon under pressure. The new Siemens and Areva-built nuclear reactor in Finland, together at least three years late. 2009 Areva was booked for the additional provision of a further 555 million euros. The operating profit amounted to 97 million euros (previous year): minus 143 million euros. Thanks to good financial results from stock sales and the profit contribution of goods sold but not yet seceding High Voltage T & D subsidiary, the net profit for last year’s level of 552 million euros. Current Lauvergeon was the construction site in Finland is now under control, it threatened any other special charges.

Areva came under pressure in late 2009, despite support from the highest authority was subject to Sagittarius, the French Atomic Energy consortium of EDF, Areva, Total and GDF Suez, while trying to Abu Dhabi up to four nuclear power plants to sell. The contract was a Korean manufacturer. Since running in France a debate on the responsibility for the disaster. The new EDF chief Henri Proglio sees the guilt is that the power giant had not initially call the shots in the consortium. He indirectly accused Areva to wear it alone with his flop in the export business for the responsibility.

"There were six partners in the consortium, including the French state, I find it strange that Areva is believed to be responsible," retorted Lauvergeon. Among the rumors of their imminent separation, they countered, "The rumor that Areva is broken up running, no more, now I hold to be broken." To justify himself, was one Lauvergeon zahlenlastige presentation, according to which they announced all of its five years ago Goals have achieved.

Areva in order to benefit fully from the renaissance of nuclear energy, the capital will be increased. The state had already chosen the new major shareholders, currently running running negotiations on details, "said Lauvergeon. In Paris, says that Mitsubishi and the state funds were Kuwait and Qatar, the new major shareholders.