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Audi is aiming through China and the U.S. on new sales record


Audi_ingolstadt_ausbildung_Quelle_OBS_Audi FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The luxury car maker Audi will this year set a new sales record and relies mainly on the booming Chinese market and a recovery in the U.S.. "We want to increase deliveries to customers in the current year to more than 1.08 million " sales chief Peter Schwarzenbauer said on Friday. (Photo : Audi)

To date, the Volkswagen – owned brand of one million vehicles remote has cracked only once in the boom year 2008.
Tailwind get the Ingolstadt especially the Chinese market : This year , Audi will bring , according to Schwarzbauer there by more than 200,000 cars to customers. 2009 , when China had kept the car industry amid the economic crisis before a deeper crash , the market leader in China sold nearly 159 000 vehicles.
Growth prospects in China for the coming years Audi classifies an even more positive than in the past : 2012 will be sold around 300,000 cars in China , said black farmers . To date, the Volkswagen subsidiary was there for the year after next targeted sales of 250,000 units.
The recovery of the U.S. market, Audi will assist in achieving the new record. The U.S. sales for the first time in 2010 will exceed the mark of 100,000 units , confirmed Schwarzbauer . 2009 Audi sold in North America had only about 82 700 cars.
If the Ingolstadt reach its global sales target of 2010, the paragraph would be compared to the crisis year of significant growth in 2009 , last year nearly 950 000 Audis were brought to the customers. As to whether the brand could fall in 2010 of 1.1 million vehicles , would be Schwarzbauer not comment with reference to the more difficult position in some markets .
In the first six months of the year , Audi sold nearly 555,000 cars – an increase of 19.1 %. Thanks to this significant sales volume growth continued , the Ingolstadt 17.6 billion to EUR (+21 %) and generated an operating profit of EUR 1.3 billion (+ 61.6% ), with which the margin was 7.6 %. The bottom line earned Audi 978 ( 671) million EUR remained and thus the earnings of the VW Group’s pearl .
In the second half of the year Audi will , despite the concerns of the mother, the earnings momentum could slow to work just as profitable as in the first six months. The goal is to generate an operating margin in 2010 at level of the first half , said Chief Financial Officer Axel Strotbek. " We are meant to keep the fast pace of the first six months, " Bauer also black . On average over the past few years, the return was on the authority of Strotbek at 7.1 %. 2009 Audi had a margin totaled 5.4% after 8.1% in record year 2008.
Although Audi was able to close the gap in recent years a good deal , the Ingolstadt are still behind BMW and Mercedes – Benz. No later than 2015, but this will change . Then Audi will sell more than 1.5 million cars of the brand with the four rings and overtake the competition.
This ambitious goal will be achieved not only by the entry into the small car segment but also to expand its presence in the compact and mid – segment. By 2015, should the annual sales in the so-called C- and D- segments to 400,000 vehicles rise from 250 000 cars , said Schwarzenbauer . In the U.S., may double the share of sales to 30 % of currently around 15% and increase significantly in China.
Fears that the premium manufacturer could because of the broad trend towards small and fuel-saving cars get into trouble , holds Schwarzbauer unfounded. The manager estimates the longer-term prospects for the industry rather than very good: The premium market will grow by 2020 to more than 7 million vehicles from 4.1 million this year , the sales manager .

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