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Bahn chief wants to meet with project opponents


Bahn-Chef Grube: "Ich weiche nicht aus, ich gehe auf die Gegner zu."

Train pit boss , "I will not budge from , I am walking towards the enemy. "

HB STUTTGART. Bahn chief Ruediger Grube has proposed in view of the mass protests a round table with the opponents of the railway project Stuttgart 21st Back in September he would meet with critics of the first billion- project to exchange views , Grube said on Friday evening in Stuttgart. "We must now behave like grown-ups. " However, he would accept for the meetings about the Green Party faction leader Winfried Kretschmann and the mayor of Tübingen Boris Palmer (Green ) no conditions . Palmer had previously suggested a "peace summit " , but that requires a building freeze while launching the protests.

According to Grube Palmer now has support for the current offer of talks signaled. "I will not budge from , I am walking towards the enemy , "said Grube . On the side are proponents also Prime Minister and Transport Minister Stefan Mappus Tanja patrons (both CDU ) is provided. The proposal was coordinated with Mappus said pit. Mine is expected that the protests continue for a long time: "I think we need some time to mitigate this excitement . That will not happen overnight . " The violence of the resistance had surprised him.

Discussions go about finding a better basis of understanding to provide facts and to gain confidence. Grube conceded : " Stuttgart 21 has not been accompanied with the right communication. " To the growing divide between supporters and opponents said mine : "We have set an example and have a reasonable signal to send to the people . "

On Friday evening, had demonstrated according to police estimates of 30,000 and, according to organizers even 50 000 people , despite the pouring rain against Stuttgart 21st The spokesman of the name "Park protectors " united opponents of the project, by Matthias Herrmann, announced for next week to further protests . In addition to the traditional Monday demonstration on Wednesday it will also give a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Baden-Wurttemberg Minister Stefan Mappus ( CDU).

The police adjusts to a quieter weekend. "We assume, however , that protest is still potential there, " a police spokesman said on Saturday the news agency dpa. Before the fence on the north wing of the Stuttgart main station police forces were stationed . The big demolition excavator rested in the morning , however there were minor works on the roof of the listed building. Some critics of the billion- project was held out again on the night before the fence . Interference did not happen.

The Baden- Wurttemberg constitution accused parties from the extreme left-wing spectrum, to exploit the protests against Stuttgart 21st The Vice-President of the State Office for Protection of the Constitution , Frank Dittrich , called the news magazine "Focus "the Communist Party, the Marxist- Leninist MLPD and the left.

So far the protests but would "still dominated by far by the bourgeois- democratic spectrum . The deputy leader of the Left in the Bundestag , Ulrich Maurer , accused of defamation Dittrich . He announced that the parliamentary group Gregor Gysi arrive in September in support of the protests going to Stuttgart .

The Baden- Württemberg CDU Secretary General Thomas Strobl led to strong protests against Stuttgart 21 back to a lack of public relations. In the Germany radio , he spoke of a "communication -case scenario . "

The former railway chief Johannes Ludewig criticized in Germany Kultur, the Baden- Wuerttemberg state government had missed the right time for the implementation of the project, ten years ago was a decision failed on the conversion of the Stuttgart main station from financial reasons at the Stuttgart Cabinet, he said on Saturday in Germany Kultur. "Back then there were these protests have no idea at that time , people were actually rather taken with it , "added Lewis .

The spokesman for the railway project , Wolfgang Drexler , holds an exit after the state elections in Baden – Württemberg in 2011 unrealistic. "There is no exit clause in the contracts . In December 2009, one would do that yet , can not now, " said the SPD politician, the Berlin Tagesspiegel , who published the interview on Saturday on the Internet. The cessation of the construction would cost far more than a billion euros , without it being achieved for the traffic somewhat .

"The SPD ‘s stance on the project since 1992. I ‘m not the leading candidate at the next state election , but I can not imagine that the Socialists would do such a thing. "

Drexler said , even for a civic it was too late: " For 17 years we are talking about Stuttgart 21, before 2001 there was the principle decisions. would have a citizen until then apply for each can , even the Greens have . they did not. Now is the legally no more. "