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Bangkok’s financial district to attack insurgents


HB BANGKOK. With a massive military operation has the Thai government on Wednesday in one for weeks of opposition redshirts occupied quarters in the capital Bangkok crackdown. At least six people were killed, including an Italian photojournalist, as the army with tanks and Bulldozers against the opposition was going on and the district First brought back under government control.

The Demontranten had since mid-March in one of the main business district entrenched hold. Another 58 people were, according to a local hospital, injured in the military operation.

The leaders of the red shirts were the police, many of their However, supporters reacted with outrage. Rioters pulled through the streets and sat among other government buildings, Banks, offices and some media on fire.

rose above the city among the skyscrapers of Bangkok huge clouds of smoke. were in other provinces of the country angry red shirts on the streets. The government imposed a Exit lock from 20.00 bis 06.00 clock (local time), the offices should Rest of the week remain closed.

"We are pleased that the protests are over," said Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij the evening the British BBC. "But the whole thing is a tragedy for Thailand, no one may as Victory won. "The country urgently needs a Reconciliation process.

The army operation was five days ago with bloody Street fighting began at dawn. Soldiers went with Speakers through the streets and called on the redshirts, immediately discounted. In the vicinity of the disputed road crossings the people were asked to stay in the houses. Among them included the German Ambassador Hanns Schumacher, whose Residence on the edge of a combat zone. Clouds of smoke from burning Tyres went about gunshots could be heard clearly.

The leader of the opposition alliance UDD, the morning still Staying slogans were issued, surrendered at noon, "to to avoid further bloodshed ". Before the stage in the core area of Demonstrators broke from numerous supporters in tears, there were loud Boos. The leaders gave themselves continue to fight. "We have not lost just because we face the authorities, "said Jatuporn Prompan. "We will fight again."

Frustrated supporters put the shopping center "Central World and Siam Theatre in flames. Also on the stock market and the TV station Channel 3, the had accused the protesters one-sided reporting, flew incendiary. The soldiers arrested dozens of demonstrators.

Many residents of Bangkok followed the events in shaken the television screens. In some districts were formed in Supermarket queues, because the people in expectation wanted to stock up new troubles with the basic necessities for a few days. "I’ve heard there is panic buying," said Narinsuda Panthip in a small shop in the suburb of On Nut. "I thought, then I buy even better one before everything is gone. "

In several provinces in the northeast of the country attracted sympathizers the red shirts on the streets to protest against the military operation to . Demonstrate In Ubon two demonstrators were killed, told the Thai television. In some cities public bodies set on fire. Much of the Redshirts comes from this region. Most are followers of the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, ousted in 2006, which the Government for fomenting the protests held responsible.

The red shirts were in Bangkok since mid-March. They demanded Elections because the party of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva a government agreeable to them by dubious power shifts in Parliament had succeeded. A compromise with early elections was Last week in our grasp, but failed when the redshirts new demands for a withdrawal collected. Since the beginning of the protests attracted more than 60 people died and hundreds were injured.

The stock exchange closed early on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was also exposed to the trade. "The situation now is worse than expected and even harder to stop development," said Kavee Chukitsakem, research head of Kasikor Securities. After the task of the leader of the Red Shirts, "things have gotten out of control". According to his colleagues Kongkiat Opaswongkarn of Asia Plus Securities, it will be years until the country regains the confidence of investors.