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Bank of Japan leaves key rate unchanged at 0.10%


TOKYO ( Dow Jones) – Bank of Japan ( BoJ ) is expected on Tuesday as their extremely expansionary monetary policy left unchanged. As the BoJ seven – Council following his two-day meeting told , remains the key interest rate at 0.10%. Economists had this Decision expected. The decision was unanimous.

The Federal Reserve reaffirm their commitment to a lasting deflation . prevent Recently, the Japanese government also clearly made that in a strong yen appreciation a threat to sees economic recovery .
Many experts increasingly believe that the Central bank could be forced to more aggressive steps in the to take monetary policy to the domestic economy from the consequences shield of a yen appreciation. It is therefore likely as the weakening of the Economic recovery in the U.S. have a stronger yen, the result was burden on the export sector of Japan would significantly .
For now , the BoJ they assess the economic situation in Japan , however, left unchanged : The domestic economy from show the background of stronger momentum in foreign countries " for further signs of moderate recovery . " The BOJ , however, declared it would in the situation  the financial markets for possible instabilities observed closely.
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