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Bank Zachodni WBK is sold


Filiale der Bank Zachodni WBK im polnischen Posen. An der drittgrößten polnischen Bank haben viele ausländische Institute Interesse.

Branch of Bank Zachodni WBK in Poznan, Poland. At the third largest Polish bank, many foreign institutions are interested.

POSEN. The 70-percent share of Ireland’s third-largest by market capitalization on the money house of Poland will be valued on the stock market with 2.6 billion euros, but analysts reckon with much higher revenues.

For, according to Bank Zachodni (BZ) WBK’s chief Mateusz Morawiecki "are interested snake". The share price of the Wroclaw Institute has since news of the sale plans increased significantly to a two-year high and moved to Warsaw Stock Exchange blue-chip index WIG20 even at the highest level since the outbreak of the global financial crisis.

The sale will AIB nationalization escape

Analysts expect that the BZWBK goes to a foreign financial group: Marcin Jablczynski of the Deutsche Bank calls in Warsaw as a potential buyer in addition to his own institute, the French banks Société Générale and BNP Paribas, Spain’s market leader Banco Santander, The Dutch Rabobank and Italy’s Unicredit, Which is already present in Poland with Bank Pekao. Called as a prospective customer is also HSBC.

Comment it wanted none of the banks. Alan Jarman, CEO of Poland HSBCWhich are for sale but competitors called "one of the best-performing institutions in Poland." His house but wanted to "grow organically".

BZWBK Morawiecki boss said he had "yet of Polish banks with no intentions to buy one, however, foreigners now stood at the Irishman in line to talk about buying his Polish bank. AIB According to one report, the "Sunday Times", interested in a quick sale of their two Polish and American subsidiaries in order to avoid a full nationalization.

By the end of September should already identified the preferred negotiating partner for the Dubliner. AIBWhich has been gripped with billion-government aid under the arms, such restrictions must be in accordance with the supervisory authorities 7.4 billion euros in fresh capital, five billion will be saved through the sales of foreign subsidiaries.

AIB calls its Polish subsidiary BZWBK himself "a jewel in our crown": After market capitalization, it is in Poland to third place after the PKO Bank Polski and Bank Pekao, to lend the Breslau ranked number four in the assets, the institute is the fifth largest of the country.

The banking landscape in Eastern Europe will soon be different

In addition, the environment is very interesting: Poland is not only the largest economy in the new EU states, but also the only country in Europe, despite the global economic crisis has traveled to a recession. Poland’s gross domestic product rose by 1.7 percent in 2009, this year the World Bank expects a just-released report by three percent, the strongest growth in the region. Moreover, the banking landscape is considered healthy.

Even so, foreign banks are heavily involved there. The German Bank available in Poland as one of the few countries in Eastern Europe has its own branch network. "The banking landscape in Eastern Europe will be in three years one another," had Bankenanalystin Cristina Merrill Lynch Marzea already half a year ago predicted and speculated on the particularly strong market entry has not engaged in the East Western banks.

BZWBK is as coveted as a takeover target. The institution with 512 branches, which is strong in the brokerage and fund business writing, profits and is growing: in 2011, the Bank ten percent market share in the whole reach of Poland and the share of lending in three years from now is 3.6 to six percent . rise

Polish banks

Largest Institutions: The leading banks in Poland are the partly state PKO Bank Polski, Bank Pekao and Bank Zachodni WBK. The total assets of PKO is larger by 38 billion euros, around one fifth than that of the majority-owned by Italian bank Unicredit Bank Pekao located. The Bank Zachodni WBK is with total assets of 13.2 billion euros in third place. By international standards, banks are small. The German Bank comes to a total assets of 1.5 trillion. Euro.

Consequences of the crisis ": The PKO is the winner of the crisis. Many investors have transferred their money to the partly state bank. But the other Polish banks are doing well. The country was in crisis in 2009 the few economies with a positive credit growth and rising gross domestic product.