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Bargain hunters bring short-term oil


HB FRANKFURT. Oil prices have been on Friday in Asia Trade some of their strong losses of recent days recovered . A barrel of U.S. WTI variety now cost $ 76.61 in early trade , with more than 1.2 percent on Thursday.

Brent oil is more expensive by one percent to $ 76.26 .

reduced prices in the last ten days , the two varieties each of more than eight percent. Especially in view of rising economic concerns in the U.S. and a stronger dollar , oil prices were under pressure. At the reduced price level Bargain hunters had struck , it said today.

The main factors influencing the oil market , however, remained the stock exchanges and the particular strength or weakness of the U.S. currency. Rises about the price of the dollar is , crude oil for investors from other Currency areas more expensive and thus dampens demand.

Larger gains were not expected, therefore, warned stockbrokers . Many investors held back , given the uncertain economic outlook.