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BayernLB Ecclestone affair involved?


Formel-1-Chef Bernie Ecclestone: Er soll laut "SZ" in den Skandal um Millionenzahlungen an Ex-BayernLB-Vorstand Gribkowsky involviert sein.  Quelle: SID

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone: He is to be involved loud "SZ" in the scandal involving millions of payments to ex-BayernLB Board Gribkowsky. Source: AFP

AP MUNICH. Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, according a report in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung "personally embroiled in the scandal involving millions of payments to former board member Gerhard Gribkowsky BayernLB. The newspaper reported on Saturday, subject concrete evidence to suggest that the British business man had to do with remittances amounting to $ 50 million. Ecclestone indeed deny this BayernLB would make reference to the prosecutors’ investigations opinion.

Gribkowsky was advised at the beginning in connection with the temporary Formula 1 involvement of BayernLB under suspicion. On 5 January he was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, bribery and tax evasion in Munich and since then sits in custody. Investigators assume that Gribkowsky, who was until 2008 the Executive Board, the sale of the Formula 1 – has received shares of BayernLB 2006 $ 50 million for an unspecified "engagement."

BayernLB, the shares following the bankruptcy of the media entrepreneur Leo Kirch in 2003 as security for loans has fallen, at times, the Bank held the majority of the rights to Formula 1 Gribkowsky Ecclestone came loud and SZ, first together, made Gribkowsky pressure. But then, peace has prevailed. End of 2005, organized Gribkowsky the sale of the package to the financial investor CVC. There, too, had always denied payments.

After "SZ" information, the Salzburg company has GREP GmbH, Gribkowsky in most of the money has created, on 14 December 2007, a reminder sent. As "strictly personal and confidential" letter was addressed to Ecclestone. The GREP GmbH had it complained to the Formula 1 boss that part of the agreed fee was not paid on time and missing to 2.3 million dollars. The recipient should meet its obligations and promptly pay, the newspaper quoted from the letter that had gone to Ecclestone’s office in the London headquarters of the racing series.

The GREP have also complained that since mid-2006 had already paid fees for the fall in dollar exchange rate became less sharply, and insisted on compensation, it said.

The reminder letter from the end of 2007 was written by a lawyer Gribkowskys.

The lawyer should have told the report, behind the circle of confidants, Ecclestone had called him because of the letter. The Formula 1 boss was outraged. The final objective is the agreed fee in two consulting contracts but have flowed completely.

Formula 1 had rejected last Friday any involvement in the affair. Neither the company nor F1 boss Ecclestone had done on the normal salary payments or Gribkowskys also knew of the payments to the ex-banker, said the Formula 1 group. After the sale Gribkowsky have listened to the ultimate holding company of the Formula One group. He has however had no operational authority. For his services he had received annual compensation of 50 000 U.S. dollars – also had no money flowed. "The Formula One Group, and Mr Ecclestone are not involved in any other payments to Dr. Gribkowsky or have someone from his environment nor knowledge of such payments."