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Be careful, the bears come


Händler an der New Yorker Wall Street. "Die Optionsaktivitäten zeigen, dass die Bären die Kontrolle haben". Quelle: dpa

Traders on the New York Wall Street. " The option to show activities that the bears are in control . " Source: AP

HB NEW YORK. Even if, for example , the June labor market data, which did not confirm the worst fears of investors, the opportunity to provide an intermediate , investors need to be looking for reasons to buy probably a long time. In the upcoming days are hardly important messages in sight. Wall Street is also closed on Monday because of the Independence . The holiday would reduce the weekly trading volume and make the stock more vulnerable to sharp price fluctuations.

" Only about 30 percent of the shares are above their 200-day average , so the vast majority is on a downward trend , "says the analyst Frank Gretz of Shields & Co. must be "The market rally in a show in high volume, but this is difficult in view of the holiday and the recent bad news , which fueled more pessimism. " The Dow lost 4.5 percent on a weekly view , the S & P five percent and the Nasdaq Index 5.9 percent. In recent weeks suggested the investors particularly weak economic data and the debt crisis in Europe in the stomach.

Bet on losses

The option activities in listed index funds (ETFs ) suggest that investors bet on a prolonged downturn . "The market is oversold enormous, but that does not mean we can not sell , "says the market strategist Ryan Detrick of Schaeffer ‘s Investment Research. " The option to show activities that the bears are in control and this trend will continue. "

Some experts on the other hand believe that the recent losses and positive aspects of the employment report on Friday in the short term the market could also give impetus.

"Investors were worried that the report shows a new economic downturn , but that’s clearly not happened, " said Charles Lieberman of Advisors Capital Management. "The attitude to the labor market and the economy in general was too negative , so it might come to an upturn in the market. "

In the news, poor weeks could encourage investors including the June sales figures at retail from the cover , the queue on Thursday. "Consumers are now very cautious and we expect no major growth , "said Thomas Nyheim , portfolio manager at Christiana Trust & Co. Further evidence on Wednesday are expected to provide quarterly figures Billighändlers Family Dollar Stores .