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Begins several days of strikes at British Airways


Viele BA-Maschinen werden an diesem Wochenenden am Boden bleiben. 
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Many BA’s machines are at this weekend remain on the ground. Source: AP

HB LONDON. A strike by British Airways cabin crew of the weekend threatened to thwart the travel plans of thousands of passengers. The negotiations with management had failed, the union said the cabin crew on Friday. Therefore, as planned, would be down from midnight to work. The cabin crew braced themselves against the savings plans desLufthansa rivals. The walkout will last from Saturday to three days and could drive a few weeks before the elections, Prime Minister Gordon Brown into a corner. The union behind the strike donates Browns Labor Party as much as anyone else. Brown called for a rejection of the strike on Friday. Meanwhile, the British threatened a nationwide strike by rail.

The labor of the cabin crew would cripple a part of BA’s air traffic. However, not all flight attendants on strike because they have the controversial BA approved plans already. This includes those who are employed on long haul flights from Gatwick. In addition, the company has prepared a contingency plan and personnel retrained to carry in the coming days, at least 60 percent of booked passengers.

The employees had threatened to strike in the past week. A second work stoppage is over four days from 27 March – shortly before the scheduled start of the Easter travel.

BA hopes to save around 70 million euros, while the group with declining passenger numbers, fluctuating fuel costs and growing competition from budget airlines struggling. In the Lufthansa pilot a one-day strike in February led to a slump in passenger numbers.

BA boss Willie Walsh said in full-page newspaper ads, the majority of BA’s staff does not stand behind the strike. The union Unite Walsh made responsible for the failure of the negotiations. He prefers to war with the union members as a negotiating success, "said Unite general secretary Tony Woodley.

The ruling Labor Party has traditionally had close trade links. Brown sent a message on Friday, the strike was in nobody’s interest. The resulting inconvenience to passengers were unacceptable. Previously he had described the strike as "unjustified and regrettable."

Opposition leader David Cameron accused Brown, do not offer the union the forehead. He compared the situation with the 70s, when it was under Labor temporarily serious labor disputes. Meanwhile, railway workers voted for a strike, but for which no date mentioned yet. The staff in the field of railway signals to protest against job cuts.