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Big Increase in orders for industrial


HB BERLIN. German industry has seen in August after the shock in the previous month, a significant surge in orders . The orders are price and seasonally adjusted climbed by 3.4 percent the previous month , the economic ministry said on Wednesday in Berlin.

The Ministry pointed to an above average amount of major orders for aircraft, ships and rail vehicles. The decline in the previous month was 1.6 percent also significantly less than initially estimated at minus 2.2 percent. Year over year results in August , an adjusted increase in orders of 20.3 percent.

The large fluctuations in major contracts are reflected according to the ministry continues to be reflected in the orders. But even without this , the demand for industrial goods remain in the trend continues upward, said the ministry. Since May a quiet stand while developing domestic demand offset by a continued strong impulse from abroad.

From domestic demand fell in August by 0.5 percent the previous month , while it increased by 6.6 percent from abroad . Large orders from other vehicles in the previous month had provided for a dramatic drop in orders. Particularly clear climbed after a sharp decline in the previous month, now the orders of capital goods – and by 6.7 percent – while new orders for intermediate goods such as metals and chemical products increased by 0.3 percent. Manufacturers of consumer goods recorded a decrease of 3.9 percent job .

In the more significant two-month comparison (July / August compared to May / June), a company statement clearly shows an increase of 2.0 percent up. Driver is on the external demand. For the year , orders increased in the two-month comparison to a total of 19.4 percent.