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Black magic with Indian Owls


HB FRANKFURT / MAIN. Harry Potter’s feathered friends come with perceptions of the environmental organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in India by the thousands in the hands of poachers. Owls would be killed for alleged medicinal properties of individual body parts or to entertain passers-by kept on a market. "In the Harry Potter saga, the owls are not killed by the Magi.

The reality is sadly very different, "said WWF expert Susanne Honnef, according to announcement on Friday in Frankfurt. According to the results of a study, just over half of the 30 would be hunted illegally in India local owl species." The use of owls in the Black Magic ends for the animals usually fatal. "

But even if the owls were not killed, but laid out in markets, they could no longer fulfill their role in the ecosystem, "said Honnef. "Owls hunt rodents and thus ensure that the natural balance is maintained." In particular, the farmers of rural India are dependent on the owls, because they eat up the pests from the fields.

Although both the hunting would be banned on owls as well as trade with the animals in India, but there are not enough controls. Violations would hardly punished, lamented the WWF.