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BMAS can come towards metalheads who is partially only in parts


BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Federal Labor (BMAS) has the metal-pilot collective bargaining agreement in North Rhine-Westphalia "in the Principle welcomed.

The collective agreement also fit into the difficult time the ministry said on Thursday in Berlin. This highlighted  the Ministry that the plans of employers and trade unions  the short-time could not meet in all parts.
"No chance of being realized," therefore have the plans of collective bargaining, by entities in the new social security to relieve the agreed tariff Kurzarbeitergeld. The liberation the increase provided by the employer of the Compulsory Social Security would be very difficult and EU state aid rules doubtful. Such support for only one sector would we also create a precedent, established the Ministry’s negative attitude.
Was already tested and approved by the Federal Labor  the "admissibility of the twelfth of kurzarbeitergeldrechtliche Lump. "However, whether through the end of 2010, the Reimbursement of social security in the short-time would be extended, which is what the two sides had not yet decided. Nor am already clear in what form and level where such an extension would take place.
"The economic short-time work is Crisis management, "said the ministry. Like his other Design ability, was given the cyclical To determine development and labor market development. A large Plus was in all previous decisions regarding the short-time so far have been that they both quickly and flexibly depending on recent developments have been taken. "But it is clear: We  need over the long term exit strategy when short-time, "said  the ministry. Otherwise, there would be problems with the EU state aid.
After more than 14-hour negotiations had Employers and trade union early Thursday morning in Dusseldorf a so-called employment pact to secure Jobs during the economic crisis and an increase in charges for the 700,000 employees in the metalworking and electrical industries North Rhine-Westphalia agreed.
Accordingly, the employees will receive, according to the Negotiators initially a single payment of EUR 320 (Trainee: 120) and from 1 April 2011 an income increase of  2.7% for twelve months to 31 March 2012.
An essential part of the collective agreement "future work"  to Jobsicherung in the metal and electrical industry in crisis is an unfair dismissal for employees in short time. About Short-time work is also backed up their work for twelve months be. Therefore, the company will at the cost of short-time be relieved. In addition, the company can work up to 28 Reduce hours in which the employee will pay 29.5 hours get. This model of the scales of short-time work there is to play in cases  the statutory short-ends.
The agreement in the most populous state is considered Pilot completed for the entire industry, with 3.4 million nationwide Employees. Meanwhile, employers and trade unions in Baden-Wurttemberg agreed that the pay-to-metal collective bargaining agreement to take on the NRW.

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