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BMWi / Homann wants more than 50% of profits from longer-term maturities


2010-01-15_MitarbeiterKernkraftwerk_ddp FOOD (Dow Jones) – Jochen Homann, State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, will siphon off at a nuclear power plant life extension for more than half of the resulting profits. (Photo: ddp)

"The utilities will, as agreed in the coalition agreement, contribute the bulk of these revenues," the official said on Tuesday on the outskirts of the Energy Fair "e-world" in Essen to Dow Jones Newswires.
With the reaffirmation by referring to the coalition agreement of the black-yellow government provided the politicians recently made statements against the Federal Agriculture Rainer Brüderle (FDP). This was advertised in mid-January at an energy conference in Berlin for a split equally sharing the profits, and such a settlement as "fair" means.
When asked how long it will remain on the German nuclear power plants currently in force beyond the time at the net, did not specify Homann. Evaluations made by his party colleagues and the Environment Röttgen into conversation eight years Homann described as "one of several options. He first wanted to wait for the expert advice that would currently being undertaken.
The ruling since the fall of black-yellow coalition wants to weaken the nuclear phase-out agreed in 2000. Discussions with the operators of this are already underway. The federal government wants to treat the issue as part of a national energy plan, which should be available in autumn this year.

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