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Board approves 2010 budget after marathon session well


The Court this morning to something about half past eight the 2010 budget approved. The vote went against opposition majority. The vote ended the last session of the year – that lasted nearly 24 hours – and the MPs can therefore start the Christmas break.

Advance whether it was looking into the Christmas break would be enough MPs present to the budget vote. But with 84 votes for, 48 against and no abstentions, the required number of MPs present (76 out of 150 elected) finally achieved well.

"First step to recovery ‘
The budget debate began Tuesday afternoon at a little over five and was only between 20 and 21 hours suspended. After all interventions defended Minister Guy Vanhengel (Open VLD) budget Tuesday morning by saying that "according to various international bodies, Belgium on the right track. This budget is the first step to recovery."

The last session of the Chamber for New Year began on Tuesday at 10 hours and eventually became a real marathon session. At the end were made with a range of state budget bills, bills and budgets of other approved institutions.

Not be repeated
After said Chamber President Patrick Dewael (Open VLD) that the replacement of Herman Van Rompuy by Yves Leterme could only partially be invoked as a mitigating circumstance for the fact that even in the Christmas holidays had to be gathered. He disapproved while the late filing of several texts and amendments. "We are not able to work in comfortable circumstances. I think this is not be repeated", he concluded, before the MPs already to wish a happy New Year. (belga / SPS)