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Brüderle : Earlier phase-out coal subsidies depends on costs


2010-09-19_rainer brüderle_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones ) – Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle (FDP ) has not yet determined its stance on an earlier phase out aid to the coal, but sees this as a function of the associated costs. (Photo : Reuters )

"If you can save money is the sense, " said Brüderle on Thursday on the edge of an event in Berlin.
At the present time are not known yet whether the procedure proposed by the EU Commission will exit from state aid to the coal industry as early as 2014 in fact cheaper. "You have to see whether it really is, " said the minister.
There was the statement of the Ruhr coal Foundation as the trade union IG BCE, that an early exit would be more expensive and drawn by the Commission. He had asked them both to provide specific figures to make it based on a review. "We have to first verify the facts and then we to think, what are the consequences, " said Brüderle.
By unanimous decision of the EU Commission and the support of that decision by the German Energy Commissioner is a " not an easy situation " was created. Such a decision would have to change its a unanimous decision against be opposed . "This is certainly , no matter what view one takes , difficult to reach , "said the minister. Also could lead to a reassessment by the EU Commission. Otherwise, should the European Council , in which the Government had represented to act at its summit in December.
is the reverse in Germany in 2007 negotiated agreement, which allows a socially acceptable completion of coal subsidies in Germany until 2018. The Federal Council had argued in the past week that the EU permits Member States in 2018 to grant closure aid. Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ) had declared that it would occur in Brussels in favor of changing the attitude of the EU Commission.
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