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Brüderle for smart savings without distortions


2010-07-20_ProtestSchereArmReich_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones ) – Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle has reaffirmed its determination to save, but also the need for in his view, "smart saving "is highlighted . ( Reuters photo 🙂

" For a healthy economy, a solid budget is essential. ‘s why we have adopted ambitious savings decisions , " Brüderle said on Tuesday in Berlin. The implementation of the savings decisions are particularly important to get him , "that we are saving intelligent, which means that the growth and strengthened to prevent distortions of competition , "said the minister.
Brüderle was responding to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung ( SZ – Tuesday edition ) that he was Hauptquertreiber in the implementation of the austerity package . Brüderle negotiators fought primarily against the reduction of benefits for the eco-tax and warned against anti-competitive effects of an air traffic control .
The negotiators from the Ministry of Economy , according to argue SZ, companies would have a lot of power up to ten times more eco-tax to pay than before, the decisions should be implemented. The Federal Ministry of Finance denies this does not refer , however, that the companies concerned must currently transfer often only very small amounts to the Treasury. The federal budget in 2011 would be relieved by the cancellation of privileges by EUR 1 billion .
Against the planned aviation tax is , according to the newspaper in an internal paper of the Federal Ministry warned that the charge for the federal government to the minus business could be , as passengers may shift to airports abroad , and so jobs were dropped in Germany.

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