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Bundesbank: EUR 50 billion in capital top 10 banks – Mirror


2010-09-19_geldscheine_ddp HAMBURG ( Dow Jones) – The ten largest credit institutions  Germany’s need for assessment of the Bundesbank because of the new Equity provisions for ‘ Basel III " to 2019 around 50 billion EUR. The it is clear from a confidential expertise of the Bundesbank, to the News magazine "Der Spiegel "exists . ( Reuters photo 🙂

A Bundesbank spokesman this information would not comment Sunday.
The sum would be only half of what the Federal German Banks ( BdB ) goes off. The lobby organization Commercial banks had the capital needs of the ten largest institutions recently estimated at 105 billion EUR.
According to " mirror "Bundesbank experts have examined how  the new requirements on banks with a core capital of more than 3 billion EUR effects . These included along with Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank  and regional banks such as WestLB , LBBW and BayernLB.
Based on historic data, the Federal bankers would come to the Concluded that the Institute until the end of 2019 slightly more than EUR 40 billion Apply through retained earnings and capital from outside could . For the rest they would open up new sources of money , which before all the unprofitable state banks would present problems.

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble ( CDU ) wanted to Thus the end of September with the owner groups of the state banks meet to push for a restoration, "wrote Der Spiegel.

Website: www.spiegel.de

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