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BUSINESS WIRE: occupied retail concept study of fees: Payment advice wins f? R retirement in importance

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GÖTTINGEN, Germany - (BUSINESS WIRE) - 06.04.2010 -

F? R long-term investments increase the willingness of the
Private f? R
a fee consultation. A consulting fee to see? About 41.3
F percent? The r
Pension and 34.7 percent f? R investment advice, according to
the study of
Fee concept GmbH, the management consultancy and MC4MS
Chair f? R
Bank Management at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universit? ¤ t
Mainz justified

Were interviewed from September to October 2009 on
Consulting fees 990
Customers of insurance companies, banks, savings banks and
Financial sales. The purpose of the
Study was in the context of the financial crisis
To examine whether
with customers, a new understanding?-Image as an Honorary Advisory
has developed. The
Results of the study show that? Over 70 percent of respondents
in principle? ¤ there is additional willingness for a fee
advised to leave.
This proportion increases by another 13 percentage points if the loss
Distribution fee in the case of consulting fees again
clarifies. Shall
Moreover, the h? ¶ here return through the cost
Range of products
Honorary Consultant shown, k? ¶ may select a total of 90 percent
of respondents
Imagine to advice for a fee.

The? Distributed over all age groups questioning about? Cksichtigte
(26.6 percent) equally as self-employed (27.0
Percent) and also in
education or study (19.7 percent) located
Private investors
followed by managers (10.1 percent) and
Professionals (7.6
Percent). With an average of 51,000 euros
Gross annual income was the
Majority (56.1 percent), a fortune of up to 30,000 euros
to possess.
Most study participants considered their knowledge about
Financial and
Insurance products above average, knew
Most of the

Meaning of the term consulting fees and had to
majority (69.5
Percent) in the last two years, a consultation with
Financial Services.

Mixed feelings in the consulting

While in view of the advice against allowance for
Commissions 35.5
Percent of the respondents expressed their satisfaction, gave
equal to 31.8 percent,
Unhappy to be. On the other hand appeared in advising against
Honorary 51.9
Percent of respondents satisfied and only 15.2 percent
dissatisfied. 72.2
Percent of customers in the fee model recommended in this
Even acquaintances
more actively.

Is based on the experience of 69.8 percent of respondents who are
in the
Substantial investments in the commission model advice
and allow 15.0
Percent in the fee model. 15.2 percent said not to know, however after
Model they consider.

How much is a consultant to the customer deserves?

A key component of the study was the question of the
Height of the
Fee, the first step in the customer in the commission model
was made.

The study participants were compared with other
Services ready
average of 62.70 euros per hour for the advice
issue. In a
Lawyer was 76.90 euros and 41.80 euros for a craftsman
When asked what the specific financial service provider with them in
would, respondents appreciated the commission model around
436 euro per year.

28.8 percent reported not to be ready for a consultation
Fee to
. Pay This value decreased to 15.6 percent, however, if
in return
Net products are conveyed and thus no
Technical commissions incurred.
If further arguments for the consulting fee referred to as
Examples of
Maturity benefits remain, only 11.5 percent, which
continue against the
Honorary model would say. Conversely, mean
this means that nearly 90
Percent of study participants and potential customers are fee
is hereby
a clear market potential for fee-financial adviser

When asked about the basis of fee calculation
prefer the
30.1 percent of those surveyed customers commission fee when
(Hourly). 19.1 percent can be a fixed fee and
17.2 percent a
volume-fee imagined. 33.5 percent said they
they would a
Hybrid prefer.

In the two hybrid variants clearly dominate. Each with
volume-based fee is calculated under either the
Time or
calculating combined as a fixed fee. The extensive
Reporting to
the fee levels in the mixed model, the study directly
be removed.

The creativity of combination of different
Fee models are not
Limits. Thus, a fixed fee as a lump sum,
combined with
time-dependent compensation for special topics, as well
feasible as a
performance-based fee which, at the
actual return on investment

Ask the customer fee

A comparison of today's customers in the commission model to the
Fee model seen with respect to the preferred or
Pricing models differences. Thus, the fixed fee of 19.1 wins
Percent to
32.9 percent of clear importance. Similarly, the
with time-based fee
a rebalancing of 30.1 percent to 38.6 percent.
Observations (8.6 percent) and mixed models (20.0 percent)
are therefore
less represented.

On the question to all fee-customers how much fees they
average for
Consulting services spend annually, the average
at 449 euros. As
Reasons for consulting fees by the respondents were
Independence (28.5 percent) and the quality of
Counseling (25.6 percent)
mentioned. However, bad experiences with
provisionsorientierter advice
better product and the favorable variation were
cited. These are about
60 percent of respondents in the last two years on the model of
Honorary Advisory switched. When played in front of the decision
Media reports (29.7 percent), recommendations from friends
Percent) and the speech by our own Financial Services
(21.8 percent)
a part.

The results of the study show that overall, the
Increases willingness to seek advice for a fee. By
Range of net products will keep the survey is right,
that customers
increasingly favor a consulting fee basis.

For more information about the study, visit
www.honorarberatung studie.de.

About fee concept GmbH

The fee concept GmbH established in Germany, a new approach
in the
Financial services: advising on
Insurance benefits through
Fee-financial advisers. The active since early 2009 Companies
Honorary Financial Adviser, on joining the consulting fee.
Service offerings include real net products in large
Bandwidth, seminars and
Coaching and professional IT tools for consulting,
Analysis and management.
In addition, the fee concept GmbH
Assistance in the field of
Invoicing and back of the factoring of fees. In the
Product portfolio
Fee concept can be found cost-
Financial solutions. The fund investment
is also set to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


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