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BUSINESS WIRE: Robert D. Joffe, a leading business consultant and former head of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, dies at the age of 66 years

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NEW YORK - (BUSINESS WIRE) - 30.01.2010 --

Robert D. Joffe, a former presiding partner of Cravath,
Swaine & Moore
LLP, has died of cancer, a company spokesman. He was 66 years

Mr. Joffe died on Thursday, 28 January and was in
Circles, both as an excellent litigator and as a
excellent management consultant. With its high-profile
Work for Clients
such as Time Warner and its efforts to promote
of civil rights and
Justice, he belonged to the elite of his profession. Mr.
Joffe was
inside and outside the United States for its widely
Stability in the
Leadership and pioneering legal procedures for
its highly
sensitive counseling skills in a board room
Economic known. Whether it's a difficult anti-trust case, a
Investment procedures, a question of corporate governance
or a complex
contractual agreement, Mr. Joffe was doing in all tasks
clear that he

Management Consulting

Joffe took the heads of some of the most prestigious
World in connection with their most pressing problems,
especially during the
recent financial crisis. He was a longtime adviser
non-executive directors of Fannie Mae.
From October 2007 until
its acquisition by Bank of America in January 2009
he represented the
independent directors of Merrill Lynch. Mr. Joffe advised
independent directors of Citigroup, General Electric and
General Motors and
many others.

Relationship with Time Warner

Since 1978, Mr. Joffe was the primary outside lawyer
Time Warner
and led the merger of Time Inc. and Warner
Communications Inc. by
the FTC test. He acted as the chief lawyer for Time
Inc., as the
Company in 1989 successfully against the
Takeover attempt by Paramount
and he defended the process before the Delaware Paramount v. Time
Court and the Delaware Supreme Court held, and won. This
Case was considered
a milestone for the law on mergers and
Acquisitions, since it
Control of the directors on the affairs of
Firm claimed.
Joffe took Time Warner before the FTC in connection with their
AOL. In addition, he represented Time Warner in connection with
its acquisition
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. in proceedings before the FTC and the
Courts of the State of Delaware as well as in
Antitrust case
Fox News and procedures concerning the right to freedom of
Expression (First
Amendment) against the City of New York. In the latter case,
He won
a temporary cease and desist order against the city,
later in a
converted injunction and in second instance
was. In addition, Mr. Joffe advised Time Warner in connection
with Carl Icahn
Share ownership and the related voting rights dispute.

Passionate commitment to human rights

Even as a student at Harvard Law School, Mr. Joffe showed a
Human rights and the legal system, where he was an editor of
Process reports for the Harvard Civil Rights / Civil
Liberties Law Review
committed. From 1967 to 1969, after only a few months as
Young lawyer
Cravath, Mr. Joffe left New York in the context of a
Ford Foundation
funded scholarship for public service in
Africa and Asia to look for
to work the Ministry of Justice of Malawi. In this role, he helped
Commissioner for Law Reform in the transformation of
Legislation of the country
and the introduction of a framework for the supervision of the
District courts of this
African country. He pursued his interest
Civil rights and more
conducted in 1989, the process Martin v. Wilks, a
Civil rights litigation in the U.S., in which he colored female
City employees
Birmingham, Alabama, took to their professional
Equal Opportunities
enforce. In the same year he participated in a
Kenya mission
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. In addition, he was
asked before
Subcommittees of Congress on the human rights situation in
Kenya and its
Support of the U.S. Bürderrechtsgesetzes of 1991
. express In later
Years as Chairman of Partners, he sat down with vigor
made the case that
Attorneys Honorarfreie clients with the same dignity and
Care, treatment,
of giving them to their paying clients.

Mr. Joffe was in legal circles for his involvement in
these areas
widely recognized. In 1992 awarded him the professional association
Committee for Civil Rights Under Law for his outstanding
made with which he for the adoption of the
U.S. Bürderrechtsgesetzes (Civil Rights
Contributed) Act 1991 had. In the years 2004, 2005 and 2006
He received
the Learned Hand Award from the American Jewish Committee, the John J.
McCloy Award
the Fund for Modern Courts, or the Servant of Justice Award from the Legal

Legal Career

Lord Joffe, a native New Yorker, received an AB cum
laude from Harvard
College in 1964 and a J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School
1967. After his work in Malawi in 1969, he returned to
back in 1975 and became a partner. Was in November 1997
he to
elected deputy presiding partner and entered into force in
January 1999
Samuel C. Butler to succeed as Cravath presiding partner.
led the firm to 31 December 2006, when he in his
Returning full-time job as a lawyer.

A leader in the civil
Life and the Bar Association

Mr. Joffe was a member of the Bar Association of New York (Bar of the
City of
New York, Vice-President: 2003-04, Honorary Committee: 2004,
Executive Committee: 1995-99,
Chairman of the Trade Regulatory Committee: 1980-83,
Nominating Committee:
2001-2002, 2008 (Chair), Chairman of the Working Group
Selection of judges:
2003, 2006), a member of the Council for Foreign Relations,
a member of the
Trustee Council of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Chairman
Rights Committee), Board Member and Vice Chairman of
Human Rights First
(formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights), a
Board member of the
After-School Corporation, a board member of Franklin
Resources, Inc.
(and Chairman of the Governance Committee), Board Member
The Fiduciary
Trust Company International and a member of the Harvard Law School
Dean's Advisory
Board (1997-2009) and a member of the Governor's First Judicial
Judicial Screening Committee. From 1994 to 2003 was one
Board Member
Romanian convened American Enterprise Fund (President

Awards of the Bar Association

Lord Joffe's name often appeared in the various rankings of the
Lawyers of America. In Chambers USA 2008 Rankings
and 2009: America's
Leading Lawyers for Business, The Legal 500 and Chambers Global: The
Leading Lawyers for Business, he was considered one of the most prominent
listed in the antitrust arena. In 2008, Lord was
Joffe in The Best
Lawyers in America 2009 and 2010 as a leading
Antitrust lawyer called.
More recently, he was one of only fifteen
Lawyers of the
U.S. state of New York, in the publishing
International Who's Who
2008 as the leader of Commercial Litigator
Process for Commercial Law Attorneys
were selected. In addition, described the 2007
Lawdragon 500 Leading
Lawyers in America, Mr. Joffe as a "legal
Luminary, which in
greatest challenges - improving the legal system
by enshrining the
Human rights and greater respect for them --
And provides superior
same time the biggest legal proceedings for
leading companies in the
Nation heads. "Furthermore, he commended the
2009 as a benchmark Litigation
"Local Litigation Star" for the New York area. In
Benchmark Litigation 2010
Mr. Joffe is also a "National Star"
for his work in
Securities awarded.

Mr. Joffe is survived by his wife, Virginia (Dinny), two
Children, Katherine
Joffe (NYC) and David Joffe (NYC), two stepchildren, Dr. Ryan DeHaas
NC) and Elizabeth DeHaas (NYC), and two grandchildren, Aidan Julio DeHaas
NC) and Alexander Contreras DeHaas (NYC). Moreover
He is survived by his mother,
Bertha Joffe and two brothers, Paul Joffe (DC) and Richard Joffe

As a result one of the leading law firms in the world
Corporate counsel large transactions, such as
national and international
Mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and
Lending to businesses
inside and outside the United States on behalf of the
largest companies and
Financial institutions through the world. The Legal Representation Division
the firm is
of trial lawyers with wide-ranging
Court experience in complex
Business practices staffed in all sectors. The history
of Cravath,
Swaine & Moore LLP reaches to the year 1819 and the back
Firm employs
Today, more than 535 lawyers in New York and London.

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