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Car market returns to scrapping a reality



FRANKFURT / Bad Homburg (Dow Jones) – The German car market blows after the removal of the scrapping a harder wind. In February, the traders sold between Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with 194,800 new cars 30% less than last month, as explained to the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in Frankfurt on Tuesday, confirming information from Dow Jones Newswires. (Photo: ddp)

The sharp fall came, however, not surprisingly, had indicated to increase the introduction of state of the scrapping premium car purchases in February last year, but rapidly.
"In the absence of private registrations in February 2010, preoccupied in the same month last year under the Environmental Award for a boom," said the President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK), Volker Lange, in Bad Homburg. The severe winter may have prevented many buyers from going to the dealership. Only at the end of the month were again significantly more new cars were registered, informed the Federal Motor in Flensburg.
After the repeated collapse in February registered the registration authorities in the first two months of the year, nearly 376,000 newly registered passenger cars and thus one fifth less than last year. But the result is not as bad as it seems at first glance: The car sales were still 5% above the long-term average, as the VDA said.
After the scrapping was mainly boosted the sales of small cars, whose share shrank strong now. It was with a fall of almost 41% feel especially Daimler’s Smart small car to. Suzuki sold in February, even 70% less than last month. On the other hand saw the return of corporate clients for some extra sales in the upper middle class. BMW rose by almost 7%, Nissan, with its luxury brand Infinity by 46%.
After the scrapping premium had arranged last year for a vigorous attack in the car showrooms, the industry expects this year to return to normalcy. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) with 2.75 until 3 Mio expects new car registrations. The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) expects a decline in new registrations to a maximum of 2.9 million to 3.8 million last year.
Since the home market this year expected to start no impulses, the German automotive industry is mainly export-oriented, such as China and the United States. Even in the final quarter of 2009, exports went weak in comparison to the prior year period significantly. In January and February 2010 began the development continues, according to VDA.
Therefore, should the German manufacturers continue to expand its local production, "said VDA President Matthias Wissmann said. This year, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Co. would build the first time, more cars abroad than in their home market.

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