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Cartel sees ceiling Abhebegebühren at 1 EUR – FTD


2009-02-26_Bargeld_OBS HAMBURG ( Dow Jones) – The Federal Cartel Office has demanded from the banks and savings banks significantly lower costs for the lifting of foreign ATMs. (Photo : OBS )

As guidance for the future level of charges is an amount of 30 cents to 1 EUR , as the "Financial Times Germany "( FTD – Thursday edition ) reports , citing a letter of authority to the German banking associations. This is the margin for the cost, the banks stood a grouping machines currently in another account . This was " fixed cost .
The banks had the Federal Cartel Office in the dispute over the proposed fee automated in future to collect for the lifting of foreign ATMs than 5 EUR . This proposal was rejected by the competition authority. The proposed amount was "to the five- to 15- fold increase over the existing interchange fees collected within the collaborations , "criticized the authorities. Such a discrepancy was " unacceptable ".

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