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Celesio benefits from acquisitions and currency effects


Frei_Quelle_Celesio_AG_2ag STUTTGART (Thomson Financial) – The Stuttgart Health care providers Celesio in the second quarter of takeovers and currency effects, sales and operating profits and earnings increased. (Photo : Celesio )

On balance, the profit was due to a deteriorating financial performance , which in particular through a Dividend payment to shareholders of the Brazilian participation Panpharma resulted digressive.

For the current year was the CEO Fritz Oesterle optimistic, the EBITDA forecast was specified: The company wants in the current year EBITDA 670 million to 690 EUR million increase , to EUR 627.6 million last year. The debt is be reduced to below EUR 2 billion .
The success in the first half by beating the Celesio their growth program Agenda 2015 on the right track is to the to achieve 2015 EBITDA of more than 1 billion EUR, commented CEO Oesterle. This will of managers with Efficiency , portfolio optimization and innovation . reach
Celesio has focused both a reduction of Dependence on the highly regulated market and public health  a broadening of their currency portfolios , which are heavily by the British Pounds is dependent on up the cause .
The latter is already Celesio in the acquisition of 50.1 %  the Brazilian Wholesale Panpharma succeeded last year.  The business in British pounds in the first half was 43.1% for Consolidated EBITDA , in the Brazilian real, 10.4%. There are also 37.8% in  Euro .
New ground with the Celesio in June established joint Venture with US-based Medco. This is in Supply of drugs for the chronically ill to offer solutions with which  the quality of care increased , while the costs Health are reduced.
The Group ‘s main focus is increasingly on the so-called second – not the state-regulated health care market. This growing, because the patients and consumers are increasingly willing had to spend more money for their own health, "said Oesterle. The retail business will expand Celesio strengthened, and the number of "Final double contacts " outside the UK by 2015.
In future, Celesio will therefore gradually instead of several only occur even with two pharmacy brands in the UK with the Lloydspharmacy established brand in all other countries with DocMorris. So far, Celesio in five different countries Brands. A time-frame was not mentioned by Oesterle.
In the first half Celesio achieved in almost all Business improvements. The consolidated figures were the CEO better than expected.
The range achieved by the Pharmacy Solutions Consolidation of Panpharma and the Belgian Flandria Laboratoria a sales increase of 10.9 % to EUR 9.4 billion . Celesio also benefited of the good business development in Germany and the UK. EBITDA grew disproportionately by 23.7 % to EUR 230.1 million .
Panpharma developed according to this better than Oesterle expected and was 6.1% of consolidated sales and an average double-digit million contribution to consolidated EBITDA.
The Patient and Consumer Solutions Division contacted  nearly 1.8 billion EUR by 5 % more, the revenues resulted largely from the local pharmacies . Stronger growth was achieved by the Mail order with 16.8 %, the revenue contribution of EUR 142.2 million was still relatively low .
The division’s EBITDA decreased as a result government austerity measures and the cost of installing the Pharmacy chain in Sweden by 4.4 % return .
For the group showed that one in the first half Sales increase of 10.8 % to EUR 11.5 billion and a 9.6 % to 324.5 million EUR heightened EBITDA. Main driver for the operational growth was loud  Celesio the good earnings performance of the pharmaceutical wholesale trade.
Had a negative impact instead, among other regulatory Interventions from which the EBITDA loaded with a total of 43.2 million EUR.
Net earned Celesio 94.4 (previous year : 123 ) million EUR less. one reason was the financial result recorded special charges in second quarter , mainly related to the dividend payment the minority shareholders of Panpharma . In addition, ensured Interest expense to ensure that the financial result was minus 95.8 ( deteriorated minus 52.5) million EUR. Adjusted for the most part as -cash effects would have declared the financial minus 56.1 million EUR.
The MDAX-listed shares lost at midday in a weaker overall market by 0.2% to 17.60 EUR .

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