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Cell phone sales to increase during the first quarter by 8% – study


SINGAPORE (Dow Jones) – The mobile phone industry has become the fourth Quarter, according to a study from her for a year-long recession identified. Benefits it had, inter alia, on the rebound Economy and rising consumer confidence, said the Market research firm Strategy Analytics on Friday. The recovery was also in the the first quarter with a forecast growth of 8% to continue.
In the final quarter of last year increased the worldwide Cell phone sales by 10% to 324.4 million units, compared with 293.8 million units in the prior year period. Recorded since the third quarter of 2008, Industry for the first time again a significant growth.
As the only company who, according to the study of Finnish Cell phone maker Nokia and the South Korean electronics giant Samsung in Three-month period from late December its global market share in comparison to Same period last year increased. Their gains came at the expense of smaller players such as LG Electronics, SonyEricsson and Motorola. Nokia and Samsung are in terms of sales the two largest mobile phone manufacturers.
Looking at the full year of 2009 but still went mobile paragraph 4% to 1.13 billion units back. A sales forecast for the full year 2010 will not be there to Strategy Analytics. However, the expected Market research firms in the current first quarter, an increase in sales to 265 Million from 244.5 million units in the same period last year.
While consumer confidence and traders are regain some regions such as South America continues to remain weak, as Strategy Analytics further informed. "It is not everywhere a steady recovery type, some regions are performing better than others, "added Neil Mawston.


2009 4Q Worldwide mobile phone sales and market share
(in millions)

4Q09 4Q market share 3Q09 3Q

Nokia 126.9 39.1% 108.5 37.4%
Samsung 69.0 21.3% 60.2 20.7%
LG 33.9 10.5% 31.6 10.9%
Sony Ericsson 14.6 4.5% 14.1 4.9%
Motorola 12.0 3.7% 13.6 4.7%
Other 68.0 21.0% 62.2 21.4%
Total 324.4 100.0% 290.2 100.0%

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