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Mit der neuen Funktion können Facebook-Nutzer an bestimmten Orten "einchecken". Quelle: dpa

With the new Facebook users can check in at certain places ". Source: AP

BERLIN. Facebook’s Places feature reminiscent of Foursquare and Gowalla . Users can check in at certain places "and thus bring to the expression , where they are.

Facebook’s mobile site touch.facebook.com and the iPhone client offer an appropriate function to the location information directly from the phone to read out and put in real time. In the web solution uses Facebook back to the Geolocation API of HTML5 .

On Facebook is therefore easy to see whether friends have just checked in the same place. In addition, the check-in will appear in the newsfeed of your friends and at any place belonging to the website.

The latter only for a short time and only in people who have checked in the same place. However, the display of this information be turned off . Also , the check-in will be provided with a comment.

It is also possible to tag friends in one place. Allow this, they are also checked on the spot. Applications are to be accessed from the third to the check- data , this must be explicitly allowed.

First, however, Facebook is only available Places in the U.S.. The extension to other countries as well as other mobile devices , however, is planned.