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China secures with December-Export Boom World Cup


The battle is well fought, China has sold in December for the first time in over a year, more goods abroad than in the previous month. In view of this boom, the People’s Republic of Germany may make the title of world champion in exports hardly disputed. Only German statisticians do not want to give up.

Beijing – The annual final sprint is impressive: The Chinese exports have increased in December for the first time for 13 months. Exports rose in comparison to the previous month by 17.7 percent, as the Chinese television reported Sunday, citing the customs authorities.

Accordingly, the People’s Republic introduced in December of goods to the value of 130.7 billion U.S. dollars (91 billion euros). The total value of Chinese exports in 2009 climbed to) to 1.2 trillion dollars (833 billion euros.

The Chinese imports fell last year by 11.2 percent, according to the information at 1.01 trillion dollars. In the month of December, there was strong growth in imports from 56 percent to 112.3 billion U.S. dollars.

China’s foreign trade balance for December is not only an important signal for the revival of the global economy, but also supported by China already announced in last week Replace Germany as world export champion.

"It is too early to award the title to"

According to figures released on Friday the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, Germany from January to November of goods valued at 1.05 trillion dollars resulted. The People’s Republic exported during the same period, goods worth 1.07 trillion dollars.

The German foreign trade balance for the full year 2009 but is down in early February, but the current figures can hardly be doubted that China is the title of world champion has secured export.

Some German statisticians to keep the race between Germany and China, although not yet decided. It could well be that preliminary data from China and Germany will be revised as more accurate calculations, the responsible statistician Dirk Mohr said the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung".

It was connected with the currency rates, among other things: German foreign trade figures are converted to compare with the Chinese from euros into dollars. "It is too early to award the world championship title for 2009," said Mohr.

Not only by the very probable tracks export champion China continues its impressive economic development. As early as 2007, the country’s third-largest economy in the world had risen. Also this rank had hitherto occupied Germany. Against all expectations, according to China will overtake Japan this year and rise to the nation’s second largest economy behind the U.S..