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Christmas Eve on the men’s room


2009 – a horror year for Germany’s Manager. Small minds circumcise them the little bonus that Liechtenstein accounts are no longer safe, and then the fear of social decline? Time for a little Christmas story to the Great Depression.

Christmas Eve morning at ten in the men’s room mehrzweckhallengroßen a German regional airport, where one sees its subsidies from better times yet. The anthracite-colored tiles sparkle aseptically. From the ceiling speakers, the endless loop of the Dean Martin version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is dripping." All doors are drawn, only two locks. We see it in the red boxes under the cornea colored plastic buttons.

In the left comb whimpers suddenly a cell phone, the ringtone version of Wagner’s "Valkyrie" before a male voice, at first softly replied. "LKS Imexco, you … uh … speak with Rüdiger Klöden." Then louder, "Yes, halloooo … bless you, Dr. Schneider … how? Nee Nee, all waiting in the green zone … I’m still on account of a transaction on the move. But it can also be time for a client like … Yes, my words … and the family is everything … You would not believe how right you are … hamster, yapp … But yes … must … So the life is not pony farm. "

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows

Mr Klöden continues the conversation: "I can imagine … what do you think, how we go: 60 percent decline order in the first quarter … an Ebitda, that one is being dizzy. The half sales and marketing, has it already Letters to the Christmas party down …. Is not that nice, especially now … Can we not say that out loud, but for next year anticipates our controlling again, 20 percent negative … very well … if I say that ? Kiwelka and LunaTrans have indeed been blown out the candles. As soon as you can throw himself in the posterior train. I always tell my wife: If it keeps up, you may Dallmayr you at the cheese counter are behind it … haha … ! Because you then already glad if they at least can count on your group, do not be without you, Dr. Schneider is … so … yes, as you said … not your Liechtenstein Address … why I wanted you anyway for the Get Together in Magdeburg again on the Meck-Pomm job … yes … without delay … They had proposed to her … hm … hmm … no, that … uh … this is’ not now in earnest, or, sir … uh … Dr. Schneider? Yes, but the letter of intent was already … hm .. . hmm … But you’ve got your own Executive Committee … that was fixed. "

All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudy
Join in any reindeer games

"Please who? … The ImmoTechno? Precisely this – sorry – shithouse? There’s nothing improved, since the money for expensive Plitthoff … quite the contrary. Have you ever peeped on Revenues? From IPO due .. . haha … since I have to laugh once … haha! Those are just air bookings. Because it puts nothing, absolutely nothing … Did you read what Platov about … The only thing in Plitthoff true are his own bonuses … If you expect to stay tuned for a moment, I would like the views on the laptop … then we can safely again … how? … How: no? … How much? That Do not create the times when the money in plastic bags with you directly to Lech … what? No, you understand me now, not wrong … no, not a threat … how did I not even the … Doctor Schneider, I would only want to make clear how the existential Meck-Pomm-thing because of the state relief … now, while there is money … not just for us … yes, even for me, sure, but just for your company … yes sure … no … and if we are together again with your CFO? Hmm … hm … hm … yeah, that’s of course bitter … prostate? Phew … yes … uh … up to you … you …… well, Mr. Schneider … hello? … Hello? you love me too! asshole! "

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say
Rudolph with your nose so bright
Will not you guide my sleigh tonight.

For a few seconds the Christmas silence is interrupted only by Dean Martin. In the right comb rustles the environmentally sound start / stop flushing toilets. Then a cell phone is striking. Ringtone: the "Star Wars" theme. A man says: "ImmoTechno AG, Plitthoff here … hello sir Schneider … yes, I’ve already counted almost with your call."