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Companies took 12% of e-commerce sales in 2008


In January 2009 had 93% of European enterprises with ten or more workers access to the Internet, and 82% went to broadband. 12% of the turnover of companies in 2008 was generated by electronic commerce, according to figures from Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union.
In Finland, Denmark, Austria and Slovakia have almost all companies access to the Internet. The proportion of businesses with a broadband connection in January 2009 was over 90% in Finland (94%), Spain and Malta (93%) and France (92%). Romania (40%), Lithuania (57%) and Poland (58%) were the only countries where the share was lower than 60%.
Just over one quarter of the e-commerce in 2008 was conducted with foreign countries. The turnover of the e-commerce differs from one country over another. The highest rates were recorded in Ireland (26%), Finland and Sweden (18% each). The lowest were observed in Bulgaria and Cyprus (1% each).

Three quarters of the revenue generated by e-commerce was done by companies in the country, 19% in another Member State of the EU-27 and 8% outside the EU. More than 80% of the sales of e-commerce at home was recorded in Latvia (88%) and Bulgaria (85%). The highest percentage of the sales of e-commerce in another Member State is observed in Hungary (60%), followed by Cyprus (51%), Slovakia (44%). (belga / sam)